Elephant Apple Powder for Diabetics


Elephant Apple Powder for Diabetics

Elephant Apple Powder for Diabetics

Most of the Indians are victims of Diabetics and  an unbelievable fact is that over 51 million Indians are suffering from Diabetes.  The current pervasiveness in this is 5 to 15 percent in urban India whereas it is 2 to 5 percent in rural India. So these days it is an ignorable fact that India is developed as diabetic capital for all countries world wide. Lack of physical exercises, increase in utilization of Junk foods, and emotional stress may be the main reason for increase in number of patients. Thus number of doctors also revoking for natural remedies to fight with this dangerous disease.

Due to the reason of side effects that causes with the allopathic medicines for the treatment of diabetes in the long run, people are looking for alternative medicines to control this disease. Natural way for treating diabetes has many more elements. Among them Elephant Apple powder plays a vital role in controlling diabetes, the silent killer disease.

Elephant Apple and Diabetics

Elephant Apple Powder:

The common fruit from grandma’s recipe is the Elephant Apple. It is more to do with its bitter or sour taste and flavor. Physicians of the Government Ayurvedic College have entrenched that this juicy fruit has the power to control diabetes. This fruit is also known as Bael Tree. This herb is also graded for its effectiveness by many scientists in controlling blood glucose levels. Nature Cure Doctors confirmed that this elephant apple powder taken by diabetic patients in a special way with the dosage of twice a day can see the results within 21 days.

Recent study on this medicinal herb has proved the fact that medicinal plants with anti-diabetic properties can play a vital role in the management of diabetes that too in the developing countries. Most recent generations are suffering from this dangerous disease because of their luxurious life styles. So we have to go back to nature to find the reason to cure for all ailments considering this current generation. As the man going to detach from the nature his problems are increasing day by day. But this magical fruit has proved its talent in its preventive measures also. It is advised by the scientists to consume the fruit daily to keep the disease at bay.

Elephant Apple Powder

Benefits from Every Day Use of Elephant Apple Powder:

  • Elephant apple powder reduces increased blood sugar levels.

  • It also regulates the let off of glucose into blood stream. It also cut downs elevated cholesterol levels, LDL, VLDL and Triglycerides levels.

  • It also activates pancreas to secrete insulin thus controls blood sugar levels. Its usage corrects defects in sugar metabolism.

  • It is useful mainly in protecting vital organs in human body like kidney, lever, heart, limbs, nerves, eyes damage due to diabetes.

  • Blood pressure is also controlled by consumption of this fruit regularly.

  • Meanwhile it improves overall health and stamina against diseases.

  • It also heals pain and backache.

  • Boosts energy level and decreases weight.

  • Removes weakness and increases body fitness.

Preferred dosage for this medicinal fruit powder is 1 teaspoon two times daily with lukewarm water.

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