Think Different And Eliminate Junk Food


Think Different And Eliminate Junk Food

Collage of pub food including cheese burgers, wings, nachos, fries, pizza, ribs, deep fried prawns and calamari.
Collage of pub food including cheese burgers, wings, nachos, fries, pizza, ribs, deep fried prawns and calamari.

Hey guys! How have you been? I just can’t wait for the summers to get over. Summer means end of exams and that just gives me more reasons to hang out with friends and cousins and cheat on my diet… That’s right, cheat on my diet, being a mortal human with love for food that comes to me naturally, hehe. But why am I bragging to you guys about this? Well, it so happens that this summer I got a plan to avoid the whole lets party and binge eat season! It’s possible, common I’ll let you in on a secret to healthy eating….

Do you guys agree that a weight loss journey is half won when you have the right mindset? That’s what I’ve learnt on my journey, if you give into the constant voice on the back of your mind saying, ” Its alright to have just one bite” or “its 6.00 am lets sleep some more, work out can be done tomorrow too” or the worst ” you don’t look that fat, its just the light or the frame of the camera”  Has your mind been giving you these “words of advice?” then you need to read on, this is how you can cut down on eating unhealthy food. I’ll give you a list of top junk food which are easily available and we reach out to the most, comment in the box below if you would like me add a few more!

1. Pizzaa!


Now who on earth doesn’t like pizza? i personally use to hate the idea of pizza, but one day i ate one slice and fell in love, i kept going back at it, end result.. i gained 3 kg in a month! So, how to make yourself hate that cheesy heaven? Have a close look at the picture above, what do you see? The stringy cheese, The fresh colors, The crusty bread. Now stop, Do you see the sauce that seems to be hard and sticking out straight around the corners? The veggies are less that the fingers on your hands? The cheese just looks like a white mess on top and the crust is just refined flour that is going to sit in your body undigested for days!

After reading the different view points, do you still feel this piece of pizza is yum enough for your body? I guess not!

Lets move to the next item:



Oh yum, the fluffy bun, the thick piece of patty in between and of course, cheese, veggies and sauces. Delight ha? Nahhh… The bun is again refined flour. And the patty, well its a processed junk sitting in the cold storage of the food chain outlet for god knows how long, so nutritive value of the patty is zero of course (don’t fool yourselves with the high protein lie) and veggies are just there for decoration, a slice of tomato, a leaf of lettuce, yea sure that will be enough fibre in my diet :/ So why do we pay for something that is not doing our body any good?

3. Friesss ( French fries)!!

French fries spilling out of paper bag
French fries spilling out of paper bag

The nice yummy salty mushy fries. Oh even i love them to the core, some times it gets so hard to say no 🙁 By the way the way I eat the fries from McDonalds itself speaks the commitment I have towards them,

-pick a single fry,

– keep poking(harshly)it on the plate till all the salt falls off it

-eat it.

See, not bad ha? Until I gave it up one day. And have you seen the way fries turn when they are cold? Like after frying they turn cold? How can anyone eat that? It has such a woody texture to it, and who knows what quality oil has been used? Trans fat anyone? It may lead to cancer but hey, YOLO generation doesn’t care much I guess. And the fries have been processed and been sitting in the same fridge laughing at us along with the patty.


Now, you can apply this logic to any food item which can lead to weight loss, cause the list is too long to cover here in one go! I just gave you the loads of processed cheese, lots of oil and frying and the refined flour example, cause these are the main items involved. So I hope you like the post, give it a thumbs up below 🙂

See you soon..!!

Lots of Love and Health to you guys,

Pooja <3

Will you Think Different And Eliminate Junk Food?

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