How To Stay On An Emotional Diet?


Ways To Go On An Emotional Diet

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You mostly tend to stay away from junk food as it is low in nutrition and high in calories. Having it all the time would mean that you will get overweight, lethargic and can have health issues.

Now think about your emotional diet in the same lines. Yes, emotional diet, which is what you feed your mind with. Many of us do not monitor our emotions the way we monitor food. So, we end up with an emotional diet really high in negative emotions leaving no room for positive ones.

Is there a way to stop filling your spirit with unhealthy baggage of negative emotions? Yes, you can! You can replace it with uplifting and joyful feelings.

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Here’s how to go on an emotional diet:

1) Make it a point to stay away from energy draining emotions

Energy draining emotions start a cycle of pessimism and exhaustion while closing the door of joy and creativity. The ones that you need to watch out for are anger, guilt, resentment, envy, frustration and jealousy. Whenever you notice such emotions just take a deep breath and release the emotions.

2) Reject negative emotions while actively inviting positive emotions.

Optimism, joy and love is said to increase your sense of capability and energy. They open your inner self as well as the doors of opportunity.

3) Keep a track of your emotional nutrition that you consume throughout the day

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Just like junk food, a diet full of junk emotions like worry, resentment and anger can lead to psychological malnourishment. Are aware of the amount of negative and positive emotions you are consuming in a day? When you keep a track of the no of negative and positive emotions you feel each day for over a week, you will be able to get an idea of how far you actually are from a healthy emotional diet.

4) Imagine your relationships as a food product and try to find out what their ‘nutrition’ label says

Just like how you examine the outer pack of a food product to find out its nutritional content, you should analyse your relationships. They may seem healthy but you should find out how they make you feel. If you feel depleted and drained in a relationship then it is not healthy at all.

5) You need to limit your exposure to negative situations and negative people as they will leave feeling worse.

You need to label your environment and relationships either as draining or nourishing. This will help you in having an idea about how your decisions will affect your well-being. If you feel drained, avoid people and situations that will further aggravate negativity. Rush to nourishing activities and relationships and replenish yourself.

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The bottom line

Every passing second reduces the time you have at hand to live a wonderful life. By keeping the above things in mind, you can make your life joyful and fulfilled. You will live a very satisfying life by concentrating on the positive emotions. Don’t lose your precious life with negative emotions.

Hope you liked this post on going on an emotional diet!

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