Emotional Healing Through My First 3k Run


Emotional Healing Through My First 3k Run

Sometimes in life it becomes very important to shed all your emotional baggage and the best way of doing it is through doing something that you and the world feels you cannot do. So I believe that you must do at least one thing in six months that you find difficult, and it will heal you inside out. And this emotional healing becomes all the more important if you are on a weight loss journey too. When you are working hard towards weight loss your emotions are struggling real hard. It’s like you are questioning your existence, self worth and self acceptance. During such a struggle, the most effective thing to do is do something that chllanges you. And I did the same on RakshaBandhan Day…. I ran 3k because I felt I cannot run more than 5 minutes non stop.

emotional healing through running

Dream a little more to live your life

Life is such an unpredictable yet beautiful thing. In fact, this unpredictability is what makes it beautiful. Don’t you think so? Well, I believe in it and have realised that some times what you are wishing for, comes to you like a miracle. 🙂 Now why I am being so philosophical is that in one of my initial posts I had mentioned some where that I dream of running some day. I had been trying my best to run, though according to my son I hardly run, just jog. 😛 LOL But what I really wonder is that how can these kids expect me to sprint like them! (Oh, did I tell you my son loves sprints and hates to accompany me for walks) 🙁 Come on they need to accept my age. (Though I hardly behave my age, but that is besides the point);)

Oh! so I was talking about the dreams coming true and that I had a dream of running some day. I was trying to do so for a long time but could not really do it successfully. I tried to be over smart and hurt my ankle and knee 🙂 How did I manage that great feat of hurting myself will be in one of the forthcoming posts by me. As of now, today I want to share my joy with you all and that is about doing my first 3K run…. Yesssss!!!! I did it. On 10th August morning I ran 3k for the first time in my 48 years old (I prefer using the word young here) life.  You all must be laughing reading this whole hue and cry about this short hardly anything 3k run but if you ask me, it is one of the major milestones of my life.

I started walking, yes walking, at the age of 45 and before that I was a certified couch potato weighing 98 kg. 🙁 You can read my weight loss story here. Then as I started walking briskly at the speed of 5 miles per hour, my over ambitious nature too started raging along with the hormones, resulting in a bad failure in Couch to 5k program, (No wonder I lost stamina after 3k point). 🙁

How it happened?

On August 9th all Delhi NCR news papers were full of advertisements about “Pinkathon Promo Run at Noida” with the highlight of Milind Soman joining ‘Noida Moms’ and ‘Run with Me Foundation’ for this promotional run. The moment I saw this news, I decided that I had to run…. yes, I had to run and with Milind Soman…. 😉 I had always been his fan and didn’t stop loving him even when he was living in with Madhu Sapre… (If anyone remembers her at all) Huh!! No, no just joking. lol

So duty was given to my kids to arrange this for me (feels good to be bossy at times) and within minutes all details were there; the venue, timing etc etc. and yes it was a free run, so no money to repent for if I failed to complete. 🙂

The experience

At quarter past five next morning all three of us (I and my son and daughter) were there at TGIP, Noida and so were others around 150 runners. I was nervous and not less than ten times must have had passed when I told my kids to leave it and go back. Everyone there was looking a pro, doing stretchings, sit ups and I was there standing like an idiot looking at everyone and thinking oh boy! why did I come here?

Emotional Healing Through My First 3k Run Pinkathon

To add more to that terrible feeling of failing before beginning, my both kids announced, “Enough of support provided mom, now it was time for you to go ahead alone.” What the hell…. why??? No…. I was bewildered… almost in tears… “but I don’t know anyone here, who will I run with? And you both promised that you will run with me!!” My son walked off without answering on the pretext that his stomach was aching and I was left with my daughter who took up the task to motivate me and of course click pictures. When I started coaxing her to leave every thing and go back without running, I got one nasty look and one comment,” Nothing doing, you are going to run mom. You have dreamt of this moment for more than a year and today when you have got this opportunity , you want to back out? This is what example you are being for us? And why are you looking for the company to run, while till date you had been walking and running alone.” Oh! buoy she is tough.. Okay I accept that I was ashamed of myself for being so stupid and weak thus decided that whatever may happen, I will run. Alone, no friends and family around… but then it was my dream to leave my couch and run , not of my friends’ or family’s.

Emotional Healing Through My First 3k Run Milind Soman

So I stepped ahead and then came Milind Soman…. Yes I had to run…I will run… and I ran. 🙂 My music on, ear phones donned and I started a slow jog. “Don’t look at your feet runners, look 10 feet ahead” came an announcement, and as I looked ahead I saw Milind running just five steps ahead of me. He said loudly,”this is not a race keep your run slow , all of you.” And I took a long real long breath…. yes I can do it … I can run… I can keep running as far as I can and pushing myself after that. That was it after that what happened I don’t remember what I remember was that I saw both my kids standing on the sides and waving at me…and I kept running. I was not bothered now about Milind or friends or any one now after that point. I was losing breath, as I had never ever run non stop prior to this day… and I wanted to make the most of this opportunity. This was my moment and I had to prove to myself that I was not a loser… I was a fighter and I had to complete. That pink ribbon on my chest made me remember my two friends who are breast cancer survivors. I ran for them, praying for them and promising myself a healthy life ahead so that I don’t find my kids in future running for me. I was running and promising myself that whatever may happen I will have to keep my weight under control so that I don’t become cancer victim tomorrow. And then there were my two kids standing at the end point waiting and cheering for their first time runner mom. I felt good, yes I did… feel proud of having supportive children with me. And what happened to Milind Soman? Where did he go? Oh! he was supposed to go for a 5k so he had picked up speed and was nowhere to be seen. Doesn’t matter, I thought and posed for a pic. LOL


Do you think running can heal you emotionally?

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