Emotional Health-Why Happiness Is A State Of Mind?


Emotional Health-Why Happiness Is A State Of Mind

Hi everyone,

There is nothing which has not been said here in favor of staying happy and having a healthy state of mind. When I sat to write on this topic, I couldn’t formulate better words but just scribbled to share something from my own life.

Just read the space below and then continue doing whatever important task you might have to finish by the day.

While sitting on the corner seat of the roadways bus, my fringes flying high with the wind and slapping back my forehead, I was busy contemplating about something. A few minutes later, I felt a set of fingers tapping on my shoulder. I turned my face while coming back from the mesh of thoughts. There was a boy with his mini fingers spread all wide asking for food.

The state of happinessI looked outside to realize that it was a stop somewhere midway in our journey where the bus driver had put a halt to the wheels for a 15 minute break. Bringing back my attention to those innocent eyes that stroked through mine with immense hope, I asked ‘what do you wish to eat?’ I could see immediate twinkling in the same eyes with the thought that he might be able to have his 1st meal of the day. He pointed towards a stall where the vendor provided dal-prantha combo for 20 bucks.

He then again looked at me trying to judge if I would allow him to change his decision for a costlier option. Seeing me smiling, he immediately changed the focus of his finger to another spot where chole bhature were sold for 40 bucks. He was not sure whether I would shell that mighty amount for him or not. “Suna hai boht swaad hota hai” he added in his attempt to convince me. I stepped down the bus and headed towards the place that was most fantasized by the boy lately. His eyes got bigger and brighter than ever as he saw the bhatura going up with the strainer leaving the oil droplets beneath.

On most days, he got to fill his stomach with just anything that was remotely edible. I hadn’t witnessed anyone being in that state of intense pleasure while receiving a national award as was that kid while receiving his platter from the vendor. “Thank you didi” he added as he was about to gorge on his food with his fingers clenched tight on the plate.
Me? I realized for the first time that there happened to be a difference between hunger satiating food and food that had taste compliance as well, and most people in our country can barely afford the former option.
As the bus started towards its destination again, leaving the boy in his wonderland, I was forced into another thought process. When was the last time I felt that happy? Was happiness so cheap for us ever?

I have so many things to be unhappy about. Accomplishing a medical degree, having completely non troublesome health, being the owner of okayish looks, bestowed with a good financial status, I still feared the future while someone at the other corner of the world fantasized about a 40 rupee meal.
Isn’t that being rude to our own selves? It seemed like I purchased him the food while he purchased a free state of mind for me.
There is not a single problem in the world so big, only if we decide to deal with it properly. Trust me.

The state of happiness quote momentJust get up, get down the lane, laugh at something funny in the surrounding, eavesdrop at someone’s silly conversation, smile at a stranger, jump or run around; just booze on happiness. There is nothing like tomorrow; it’s all in today.

Until next time take care!

Do you think that Happiness is a state of mind ?

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