Energetic Detox to clear mental, physical, and spiritual space


Energetic Detox;

to clear mental, physical, and spiritual space

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Do you know about energetic detox? Detoxing the energy of the mind, spirit, and body can do way more than clearing up some heavy vibes. It changes the way you see your life, your experiences, and your relationships.

Ways to clear mental space

Before you begin your day, take just a few moments to connect to your mental and emotional energy. Here are some tools that will be helpful:

1) Essential oils

Energetic Detox

Smell a few drops of orange essential oil or peppermint essential oil in order to cleanse and open the mind as soon as you wake up or when you have the midday slump.

2) Energetic movements for Energetic Detox

It is great if you already are doing yoga or following a fitness routine. However, there are other ways also to move energy during the day by just rotating your arms sideways in circles or doing lunges to get your blood circulating.

3) Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

Those who have not tried a hand at emotional freedom technique should give it a try and check if it helps in soothing the anxieties, worries, fears of the mind, and negative vibes. The technique is alternative medicine and a form of counseling intervention.

Ways to clear physical space

When you walk through the front door of your house, how do you feel? Do you feel energized, open and light or heavy, depleted, or cluttered? If you feel the latter, it is advisable to try the following methods:

1) Sage

Light sage and carry it around your house /office space with the intention of dissolving any negative vibes. After walking around, you have to thank the space for guidance and pray. Burn incense (Agarbatti) to lift and energize the space while you pray.

2) Declutter

If it has been a long time since you have sorted out your desk, office or closet, take out a few hours and start decluttering. By removing things out from your home, you will release stagnant energy in the body too.

3) Crystals

Shungite crystal

If you can afford, consider placing crystals around your home, bedroom, office, and car to keep energies cleansed, protected, and uplifted. It is just a suggestion.

Ways to clear spiritual space

Find some techniques to cleanse your spiritual clutter

1) Disconnect

Let’s consider that you have just completed a task or project, finished a meeting with someone or had an interaction with someone that lingers. Now to close the energetic circle, you should lift your arms up like you are going to make a huge circle and then cross them in front of the chest in the form of an X. This technique closes energy between 2 connected things or beings.

2) Breath Detox

If you feel tired, depleted, sore, or heavy in the morning or at night, just place your hands on the heart and send in love and light to the body by doing a round of 5 deep inhales and exhales. Fill up energy by being with yourself and breathing.

3) Follow a morning ritual


When you wake up, the first thing that you should do is set up as an intention for the day. This will help bring mental clarity, focus your energy, and bust negativity.

Hope this post on Energetic Detox has been enlightening!

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