Ways To Enhance Indian Food With Proteins


How To Enhance Indian Food With Proteins?

Indian food as we know it is full of sumptuous cuisines. All the way from Punjab’s Lassi to Chennai’s Dosa, the Indian cuisine is fairly rich in its share of carbohydrates. However our favorite food isn’t so fulfilling when it comes to proteins. And in today’s world a balanced diet is a must. There are always supplements which can give you the protein you need, but if you don’t want to go the extra mile, we have found a solution for you: JUST INCREASE PROTEINS IN YOUR DIET! And here’s how you can Enhance Indian Food With Proteins!.

How Much Protein Do You Need?

Excess of protein-how much we really need

First things first, know your protein requirement, because excess of anything is bad. According to Nutritionists, one needs to consume around 0.8g-1g of protein per kg of their body weight. So if you weigh, say around 60KG you need to consume around 50g – 60g of proteins per day.

Diet Enhancement With Proteins- For Vegetarians

Being a vegetarian, one is already restricted from a lot of food that help increase the protein amount. However, where there is a will there’s a way. To solve this problem, you need to include a protein source in every meal. According to nutritionists, the best way to do so is include dairy products- milk, buttermilk, curd– in your diet.

Milk nutrition facts
Have at least two glasses of milk (morning and evening), not only will this increase protein but will also provide muscle power to carry out various activities. Spread butter on your toast in the morning (or your paranthas, not that you already didn’t) and eat a bowl of curd in lunch. Sprouts, Soya Bean, oats, chickpeas, quinoa and flax seeds are also heavily recommended sources of Proteins. Oatmeal makes for a good breakfast and chickpeas in the form of chana chaat or chole gravy are good for your taste buds too. Flax seeds can be mixed with curd and you can substitute quinoa kheer.
When it comes to leguminous proteins, include beans, lentils, seeds, peas, etc. in your diet. To get complete nutrition from them, it is recommended to combine them with a cereal such as wheat or rice.

Diet Enhancement With Proteins- For Non Vegetarians

Now don’t think that by being a non-vegetarian you are already half way there. It is true that you have abundant protein sources, but everything needs to be consumed in the right amount and should be cooked right. It is best to have eggs in the morning in any form, whether it’s scrambled, boiled or an omelet.

When it comes to meat, chicken is the best form but make sure it’s cooked in a healthy way. Now heavy oils, butter and definitely over-cooking (for your taste too) isn’t the way to go here. Tandoori or grilled chicken is a better option. Even chicken salad or gravy is healthy. Also, tuna and prawns are recommended sourced of proteins. Avoid red meat as it is not very good for health, white meat such as chicken and turkeys are healthy.

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