Enjoy Alcohol Without Gaining Weight – How?


How To Enjoy Alcohol Without Gaining Weight?

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At the end of the day most people sip on a glass of wine. It makes them feel good! However, drinking more than that can add hundreds of calories to your diet and lead to weight gain.

Alcohol is said to temporarily pause metabolism. This is because the body cannot store the calories from alcohol and use it later, like how it treats other food calories. So, the metabolic system needs to stop whatever it is doing to get rid of your drink.

Alcohol tells the body ‘Break me down first’ and shoves away calories from other foods. As a result, whatever you eat gets stored in the body as fat.

Also, research says that alcohol decreases the burning of belly fat. No wonder you hear things like ‘beer belly’!

So, can you enjoy a drink whilst keeping the pounds away? Long term studies found that middle aged and elderly women who drank about one drink a day, gained less number of kilos over time than others. They also were less likely to become obese.

Fins Out How To Enjoy Alcohol Without Gaining Weight!

Alcohol for the calorie conscious

If you want to enjoy alcohol without gaining weight, stick to the following rules:

Rule 1: When you drink, you should eat

Don’t reduce food intake just to make room for drinks at a cocktail party. Most of the drinks are packed with simple carbs and as a result you end up with really high blood sugar. That is later followed by a crash and will make you feel extremely hungry. This effect can be counteracted by munching on foods that have long lasting energy to offer. Have a pre-party meal before you go out that has protein, healthy fat and fibre in it so that your blood sugar stays under control and you are satisfied.

Rule 2: Keep in mind that some drinks make you hungrier than others

If you are in search of cocktails that are waist-friendly, the simpler the better. The fancy sweet ones have more calories and the additional sugar can get you hungry. This will make your blood sugar soar higher than it does when you have wine or beer.

Do you know alcohol has 7 calories per gram? This means that a 1.5 ounce of vodka has 100 calories!! Now just imagine what would happen when you mix liquors! If you want to drink, avoid the fancy stuff and stick to simple stuff like beer or wine.

alcohol cocktail

Rule 3: Stop with two drinks

One drink a day is acceptable as moderate drinking for a woman. Don’t think that by going dry all week and drinking 7 drinks straight on a weekend is a safe bet. It is the worst thing to do for your body weight! After guzzling down 3 to 4 drinks a night, you body has to process 100s of alcohol calories before breaking down stored fat or processing food calories. Also, the drinks affect your blood sugar so much that you are rather too hungry. Thanks to being tipsy, you will end up ordering fat laden food without realizing it!

Rule 4: Watch out for the starving feeling the next day

The next morning is like hell let loose (if you drink too much the last night!). Things don’t seem to stop with a hangover. You will have to fight your cravings for cheesy and fatty foods. One reason is that you are dehydrated (since alcohol is a diuretic) and that can make you hungry. Secondly, the body needs energy to emerge out of the effects of the drinking. So, it craves for the richest source of energy- ‘fat’!

To avoid the above situation, at the party drink a large glass of water for each drink you have and then before going to bed hydrate yourself even more. Have a high fibre and high protein snack along. This way the lost nutrients of the body will get replenished. Doing so will also check your hunger the next morning.

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