8 Environment Friendly Lifestyle Tweaks You Should Follow


8 Environment Friendly Lifestyle Tweaks You Should Follow

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Don’t think that by recycling glass and carrying reusable bags to the supermarket your duty towards the environment is over. You need to make little changes in your lifestyle in order to really do something for the environment. Here are a few ways that can make your lifestyle healthy and eco-friendly:

1) Reduce red meat

Should You Think Of Red Meat As Protein Option

Many people including celebrities are turning vegetarian these days. Though the reasons are often animal rights and health concerns, you should also consider the devastation that red meat causes to the land and ozone. Red meat needs 28 times more land and 11 times more water than chicken or pork. This results in 5 times more global warming emissions. Going green is an eco-friendly option and if you can’t do that, consider skipping meat for a meal at least!

2) Go digital with your grocery list

These days you rarely need to touch the pen and paper but for the grocery list you use the traditional method! You have got list apps on your phone for this purpose and they are absolutely free. You needn’t even worry about losing your list and at the same time are doing a favour to the environment by saving paper.

3) Avoid fruit and veggies packaging

In supermarkets, there are plastic bags for the fruits and veggies but you can avoid them if you want to. Just grab your fruits and place them in the cart. You actually don’t need a protective packaging for them. Also avoid greens that are encased in plastic. Opt for fresh produce which is both eco-friendly and cheap.

4) Cycle or walk your way to work

Benefits of walking to office

If your workplace is nearby why don’t you opt for a bicycle or go by walk. This way you will be able to do your bit in reducing the pollution and will also be able to get ample exercise.

5) Unplug the electronics not in use

Our world is predominantly full of gadgets. You have mobile chargers, hair dryers and a lot of other stuff. Leaving these little things plugged in when you are not using them can result in unnecessary wastage of power. You can save money as well as the earth by unplugging devices from the wall when your work is over. It may make a small difference but remember that every bit adds up.

6) Consider buying second hand fitness equipment

treadmill weight loss

Yes, you read that right. You might want to furnish your gym at home and the best thing you can do for the planet is purchasing used workout equipment. This is because there is no need for using up resources to make a brand new set of equipment.

7) Wear green clothing

A lot of fitness companies these days are making clothing and accessories out of sustainable stuff such as organic cotton, hemp etc. So, the next time you want to buy a track suit for your early morning jogging, consider going in for an eco-friendly brand.

8) Reduce your shower time


When you reduce your shower time you are saving water. If you happen to take a bucket bath fill you bucket a little less and have a bath with the water. Don’t shampoo post workout, just do what is needed and you can definitely skip the hair if your workout is light. However, if your all sweaty due to a heavy workout, you need a proper shower 😛

So, how did you find the Environment Friendly Lifestyle Tweaks?

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