Eureka Moments-How To Bring Them In?


What do you feel about ‘eureka’ moments?

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Make the most of your new year by weaving in some ‘wow’ moments. The mantra for 2016 is to unleash your inner eureka moment. You need to create your own ‘wow’ moments and not leave your happiness to chance. But how to create joy regularly? You can’t always be happy! Life has ups and downs in it and it should be so because without the gloomy periods in your life you will not be able to enjoy the bright periods of life. To know what happiness is you need to first experience sadness.

Eureka Moments-How To Bring Them In?


You need to start small while discovering your ‘eureka’ moments. Happiness can grow into a bouquet of flowers, but it begins as a tiny seed. You need to plant the seeds of happiness and nurture them every day. Begin small, you may find happiness in the scent of a flower or the hues of the sky before sunset. You need to savour each of these moments. Once you begin seeing beauty and magic in daily life, you will begin experiencing them in all areas of life.

The two most powerful words that can empower just as much as they can knock us down are ‘I am’. Your happiness or your sadness is dependent on what you attach to these words. Whatever you attach to ‘I am’ is what you will become. If you encourage negativity, there will be negativity in your life and if you encourage positivity, you will create eureka moments each day! Take time to repeat happy moments each day.

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The eureka effect is also referred to the common human experience of suddenly getting to understand a problem that was previously incomprehensible. Neuroscientists John Kounios and Mark Beeman in their book ‘Eureka Factor’, talk about the single moment of pure joy that can be experienced by anyone no matter what their life circumstances are. It is when the fog clears up and you see solution to the problem that you didn’t have before. It is a moment when the sun appears from behind the clouds and shows something completely new to you.

According to a hypnotherapist, to create a ‘eureka’ moment you need to make space and time in your mind to allow spontaneous flow of ideas. The mind has the power to create these special moments.

While some people have to try hard to get their ‘wow’ moment, there are a few others who don’t even need to do something extraordinary to find their ‘wow’ moment. They get their dose of euphoria from the satisfaction that their daily routine has to offer. Such people are truly blessed as most of us are not happy with our lives and find it really difficult to search moments of happiness. We are caught in the dark and gloomy traps of our thoughts most often. At certain junctures, breaking through the dark clouds seems impossible! But when you firmly believe in happiness you can break through.

The ‘wow’ moment comes when you expect it the least. There are reasons why you get the best ideas while having a bath or while looking at the ceiling. Well, I think you should get set to weave in the ‘wow’ moments in your life regardless of how simple or how complicated they are!

Hope this post made you think of life differently!

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