Excellent Ways To Include Ragi In Your Diet

ragi cheela with sambhar

Excellent Ways To Include Ragi In Your Diet

Hello Fitness Freaks,

So, one fine day while I was looking for some ideas for preparing my dose of nutrition for the day, and I stumbled upon the jar of Ragi grains and my mind started thinking for ideas in which I could use these packets of energy and nutrition in my daily diet. Well, so I came to know some really interesting ways in which one could experiment and include the food grain in their diet and attain the best of nutrition from the readily available healthy grains cultivated in our country.

Ragi is an unrefined crop which is grown in high altitude area and can withstand harsh climates. There are numerous benefits of ragi and it is a highly nutritious cereal crop which is potentially loaded with calcium, proteins, iron and other minerals. It is rich in fiber and contains very less unsaturated fat that makes it an ideal food for weight loss diet.

Ragi- grains healthier than wheat

One of the best thing about Ragi is that it doesn’t needs to be polished and so it is apt to be can be consumed in its purest form with all its natural goodness intact.

So, here we will be talking about some of the best ways in which we can include ragi in our daily diet and ensure the right amount of nutrition for the body!

Ragi Cheela-

This is one of the most ways in which one can prepare a good and filling lunch recipe. Cheela is something which can be paired with different food items like dips, vegetable, sambhar etc.

ragi cheela with sambhar

I used ragi as the main ingredient for preparing the cheela which requires very less oil and turns out to be crispy and tasty as well.

I paired the cheela with a bowl of sambhar which has all the seasonal vegetables in it. Lately I was craving for South Indian dishes and so this recipe was too fulfilling for me!

Ragi Idli-

Another interesting recipe which we can think of with ragi in it is Ragi Idli. Just take ragi powder as the major ingredient while preparing the batter and the procedure to prepare idli is usually the same. The ragi prepared is certainly healthier than the normal semolina or soaked rice 7 urad dal idli. You can have so many healthy recipes just by mixing ragi powder in small amounts to increase the nutritional value of the recipe.

Ragi Dosa

Good carbs recipe +raagi dosa recipe

This is something too irresistible for South Indian cuisine lovers and can indulge in it without any guilt!

Ragi Roti-

One of the most common and easy way to include ragi in your daily diet is just by mixing ragi powder while kneading the dough for making chapatis and everyone including yourself in the family can easily have this healthy roti. The many benefits of ragi for health is proven time and again and there is no harm if one includes it in their daily diet just to keep their immune system healthy.

Ragi Upma-

For those who are sucker for eating Suji Upma can replace the semolina with ragi powder to increase the nutritional value of the the recipe without increasing the calories. The property to mix with most of the food items makes ragi a great staple food for fitness loving people as they don’t have to struggle constantly to search for healthy food options and can easily have these food items interchangeably to keep them healthy!

Hope you like these suggestions of different recipes! Do share how you prefer to include ragi in your daily diet!

Have you tried these interesting ways to include ragi in your food?

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