Top 8 Excuses To Skip A Workout

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Excuses To Skip A Workout

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Exercising will give you great results but they won’t come out so easily. You will have to face hardships! Some people try to run away from working out by making lame excuses. Have a look at the top excuses to skip a workout!

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#1: I did not get sufficient sleep

To fulfill your morning workout commitment, you will have to wake up early and at times miss out on your 8 hours of sleep. This means that you will feel sleepy during the day time. But instead of skipping your work out, you should try to go to bed early.

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#2: I am still sore from the previous day’s workout

Many people give up exercising when they start feeling sore. They feel that exercising is not suiting them. However, the case is different. Soreness due to workout means that you have been able to stimulate change in your body. So, in place of running away from your exercise routine try to do some stretching exercises in order to make your muscles heal.

#3: I feel tired

Certain people feel generally fatigued and hence try to skip on their workout. You should note that working out helps in depleting the feeling of tiredness and prepares you for the day ahead. However, if your fatigue stays on, it would be great to consult your doctor.

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#4: I have periods

Studies claim that there are benefits of working out during your monthly period. If your periods are not too heavy or painful, it would be great to go ahead with your workout. Menstruation is something natural and is not a reason to skip workout.

#5: I counted my calories so I need not workout

Losing weight involves 80 percent diet and 20 percent workout. Most people are careful about the calories so that they can skip on their workout. However, this is not an excuse. Working out has a lot of health benefits.

#6: My gym partner isn’t coming

Having a gym buddy is great to enhance your motivation levels. However, being totally dependent on that person is a very bad sign, especially if it begins deciding whether you will work out or not. Your fitness goals are yours. Motivation to exercise everyday has to come from within.

#7: I have a meeting

If you feel that exercising prior to a meeting can affect your focus, you are wrong! Workouts release endorphins (feel good hormones) in the body and charge you up for the day. So, it is a good idea to head to the gym before a meeting!

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#8: I just returned from a vacation

You were away from all the worries for a few days? Great! It is now time to hit the gym as you are back! If you take too many days off from the gym, it is likely that your desire to workout will start melting away. Don’t let this affect your health.

So, the above were the top excuses people make to skip working out. Do you too make such lame excuses?

Hope you liked this post excuses to skip a workout!

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