Fitness Freaks-Exercise We Love And Hate Doing


Fitness Freaks-Exercise We Love And Hate Doing

Heya Everyone,

Happy Weekend 🙂 ! Hows your Saturday coming along ? Well, this post was due on Friday but because of a few reasons, could not publish it. Few of our freaks are missing in this posh, never mind ! We all will be back next Friday, pinky promise 😉 .

The topic this time is Exercise We Love And Hate Doing

I could say I don’t like to exercise but being a fitness and weight loss blogger, I can’t say that 😛 . Occupational hazard you see :D. BTW, do you love how to train your dragons like I do ? I love toothless <3 . Ok let me stop my chutter putter here.

Back to the topic, I hate doing squats. I just hate the idea of sitting on my knees in such an awkward position, that too in the gym where so many people are watching you. Well, they could not be watching you , they could be working out but you would still think you are being watched , lol. And if you want to know why I described the posture as awkward, please google up squats and you will know why 😛 😉 😀 .

I love lifting weights. It works great on my core, arms , back and entire upper body. I have a pair of dumbbells at home so taht I can lift anytime 😉

exercise we love doing


What if I begin with a shocking statement,”I hate exercise”…. 😛 Well, had this topic been discussed some three years back, my answer would have been this only; but not now. Today I am addicted to exercising… and as far as loving some and hating some are concerned, I love brisk walks and am ready to challenge any one to beat me in that… I love jogging too but till one week back and now I have realised that I should give in to my age factor and accept that I am going to be 50 soon. 🙁   Reason being that doing intervals for one hour with one kg ankle weights has taken its toll on my knees and right ankle. They both pained and I was wondering why, then I realised that it was my own misdoing. I realised that I was ignoring whispers of my body so it had to shout back at me. I needed rest from heavy exercise which at this age, it seems may be my body is not ready to take. So if I say I hate heavy running as well as those lunges and burpees and other such exercise which are heavy it won’t be wrong … oh! no-no- no not at all because they are bad, but I HATE them as my BIG FAT EGO is hurt when I do those and my knees cry. My body says,”Shut up you old hag and listen to me. I am not what you are thinking me to be. Stop pampering your dirty ego at my cost.”

exercise you love and hate

And yes, my favourite exercise that I love– is my everlasting love, my “Walk At Home Program by Leslie Sansone“. Light on my knees and ankle.. Despite of aching knees I am easily able to complete five mile advanced walk with toning belt and 2 kg weights. Oh! Leslie I love her so much. 🙂 Writing this post has made me realise that I don’t have to prove anything to anyone as I am not competing with anyone.. I just need to understand the need of my body. It needs exercise and I have to give it the appropriate one. Period. 🙂


Hello. Your Vinita is not much into typical exercising. I do more of Yoga asanas. The one thing I tried and hated was the ‘The Sun Salutation’ aka Suryanamaskar. I am sorry I should not mention the term ‘hated’ because it is a really good exercise that works the whole body. I used to do till 8 rounds. What happened was that last year when I was doing it, I slipped and fell. I hurt my knee and I had pain for so many weeks. That was the end of suryanamaskars in my life 😛 Actually it was my mistake, I was not using a yoga mat. This does not mean that you should not do it. It is a wonderful way to start your day. It is just that I have burned my finger once and do not want to get hurt again 😛

Surya Namaskar For Weight Loss

Now comes the asana I love doing. I do it as soon as I wake up. It is called Shashankasana. It has a calming effect and several other benefits. Do try it! It is easy-peasy!! Just watch your breath while doing it. It is essential to breathe in and breathe out at the right time. Ok, now I am getting too preachy, I forgot that this is not a regular post but a fun post that lets you know more about us! So that is it from my side. Over and out 🙂

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