Top 5 Exercises For Stronger Forearms


Top 5 Exercises For Stronger Forearms

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Are you the body builder type? Have you always been paying attention to your triceps and biceps? It is common for guys to be obsessed with their biceps. Everybody wants a sculpted body but little attention is paid to the forearms. Well, it is time you give a thought to your forearms too. It is for your own benefit. Stronger forearms enhance the strength of the hand and arm which is important for day to day tasks such as grasping objects. When you gain forearm strength your throwing and swinging actions will be enhanced while playing sports.

strong forearms exercise

Working the entire arm is a great way of preventing muscle imbalances that can lead to injuries. Forearm is an area that is often overlooked by most people during normal strength training routine. However, exercises that work the forearm are easy to do and don’t take much time. They can be a great addition to your existing workout program. Stronger forearms will help you do your exercises better.

So, without much ado let us proceed with the exercises for building stronger forearms:

1) Flex your fingers

fist strong forearm exercises

Flexing the fingers will make the smaller forearm muscle work in an active manner. Here is how to go about it.

Extend both the hands right in front of you and flex and extend all your fingers. Next make a fist and hold the position for about 30 secs. Open and close your fingers and do 2 sets of each for about a minute.

2) Finger curls

Finger-curls strong forearm exercises

In order to make your fingers and wrist strong, you should go in for finger curls. Sit down and hold a 4 to 5 kg dumbbells in the hands. Now just turn the hand keeping the back of the wrist on the thigh with your palm facing upwards. Allow the weight to roll down your fingers and curl the fingers back. Repeat this 10-15 times.

3) Seated reverse wrist curls

Seated reverse wrist curls strong forearm exercises

You should do the seated reverse wrist curls in order to develop the muscles of the wrists. Sit down and keep the forearms on the thighs placing your palms downwards. Hold a 8-10 kg dumbbell and extend your wrist fully. Don’t lift your elbows while doing so. Do 3 sets of the exercise with 20 repetitions.

4) The farmer’s walk

Farmer's walk strong forearms exercise

The farmer’s walk is known to help you build a stronger forearm. For this move you need to choose the heaviest pair of dumbbells you own. Lift that pair of dumbbells and hold them by the sides of your body. Keep yourself erect while holding them and walk with them for at least 20 to 25 seconds. Take rest for a minute as it can be taxing and then do 2 more sets of this exercise.

5) Pull-ups

Pull-Ups strong forearm exercises

Pull ups will help you in building thick forearms and a stronger grip. Do pull-ups while you keep your shoulders down and the chest up as you rise. Try doing a minimum of 10-15 pull-ups at one go.

The above 5 exercises will help you in developing stronger forearms. So, guys what are you waiting for? Include the forearm strengthening moves in your strength training routine and see the difference.

Will you try out these forearm strengthening exercises?

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