Exercises That Tone Up Calf Muscles


Exercises That Tone Up Calf Muscles

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If you like wearing shorts, you would want to tone up your calf muscles to give them definition and make them look shapey. Even otherwise it is good to have a toned body. To tone your calf muscles, you need to exercise them. Performing cal exercises will also help strengthen your legs.

Before jumping onto the exercises let us first see what calf muscles are!

What are calf muscles?

calf muscles

The calf muscle consists of two muscles. One is named gastrocnemius, which is a large muscle present at the back of the lower leg. This is the one that lets you elevate your heel. The second muscle is soleus, it is a smaller one that lies under the gastrocnemius. Soleus is the one that is responsible for performing the function of lifting your heels with the knees bent.

Presenting the best calf muscle exercises that can be performed anywhere and are easy to do, especially if you are always short of time.

Heel raise

A powerful way of toning your calf muscle is by doing the heel raise.

Here is how to go about it!

Balance yourself on your right foot by placing the left foot behind your right calf. Rise on the ball of the right foot while contracting your calf at the top of the left. Relax and return to the starting position. Do 5 reps on each leg and slowly increase to 10.

Side lunges

Doing side lunges will help tone as well as strengthen the calf muscles. Here’s how to go about it-

Stand with your legs a shoulder width apart and turn your upper body to the right. Turn your right foot so that it points to the same direction. Lunge halfway down, while bending at the knee till you feel the stretch in your calf. Slowly raise back up to the starting position. With each leg do five lunges slowly working up to ten repetitions.

Calf lift

calf lift exercise to tone up calf muscles

The calf lift exercise helps tone the calf muscles and defines it. Here’s how to go about it.

Stand with the hands on your hips or on a chair in front of you. Rise up in your toes feeling the stretch in the calf muscles. Hold the position for 3 seconds and lower yourself. Do 5 repetitions and slowly increase to 10.

Calf raise on step

Calf raise on step to tone up calf muscles

To define and tone your calf muscles do calf raises. Stand on a step with the heel of your feet hanging freely over the edge. Hold onto an object like a chair in front for balance. Rise up on the balls of your feet and hold position for 2 seconds before lowering your heels down, lower than the level of the step you are standing on. Do 5 reps and increase to 10. After you master this exercise, doing it one leg at a time will provide you an intense workout.

So, these were the easy exercises that you can do to tone up your calf muscles and strengthen your legs. The best part is that you can do them anytime and anywhere because you don’t need any gym equipment. Even in a busy life schedule you can take a few minutes for these simple exercises.

Hope you will try the above exercises!

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