6 Exercises To Beat Anxiety


Exercises To Beat Anxiety

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Mental health is not discussed often and the credit goes to the stigma attached to it. However, things are changing for the good as more celebs are opening up about their struggles with issues like depression and anxiety.

Now, the question that arises here is how we can deal with mental health issues?

Exercise plays a huge role in improving and maintaining mental health. It can help control anxiety and depression. Isn’t that great? If you suffer from anxiety, you should try exercising.

The term ‘exercise’ is not very specific. You may not know what kinds of exercises are meant for relieving anxiety. Well, you have landed at the right place as you will find the right kind of exercises to ward off anxiety here!

Exercises to beat anxiety

1) Tai Chi


Tai chi is regarded as a gentle exercise and it may not possibly be helpful in dealing with panic attacks, but neurologists are of the opinion that practicing Tai chi regularly can help improve the mind and body connection. This way you will be able to deal with anxiety better.

2) Yoga

cobbler-pose Yoga For Weight Loss- Some Amazing Yoga Poses

You must be well aware of the fact that yoga is very helpful in keeping your anxiety in check. The synchronization of movement, breath and meditation is the perfect recipe for inner calm. However, when your mind is already too anxious, it gets tough to focus on the yoga poses. Make yoga a part of your life and see the difference. You will see changes in your anxiety levels.

3) Belly dancing

bellydance- 4 aerobic dances for fitness

This may be surprising and please don’t get embarrassed! Doctors say that belly dancing can actually be a great way of bringing down anxiety. It also stimulates a nerve in the body that helps in dealing with anxiety and depression.

4) Kickboxing


You can try a high-energy cardio workout such as kickboxing to get relief from anxiety. You literally take out your frustration on the punching bag and that lowers anxiety levels. It also tones the body from head to foot. Professional boxers say that people like to continue with boxing not just for the physical benefits but for the mental ones too.

5) Pilates

Know About Pilates Workout 1

Pilates is another way to reduce anxiety. It provides core-strengthening benefits that can be great for your self-esteem. There are many other health benefits of Pilates and you can find them here – click!

6) Zumba

zumba- 4 aerobic dances for fitness

Ever heard a friend say that she is having a blast at her Zumba class? This is a fact! The combo of peppy music along with loads of other people matching their moves with you plus the aerobic exercise will shake off all the anxiety you have. The three forces of moves, music and people when combined can give great results. Both your body and mind will feel wonderful and help you socialize with like minded people.

Anxiety can be crippling but you need to fight it like a boss. Do try to infuse the above exercises into your routine and see how they work wonders for you!

Hope you liked reading about the exercises to beat anxiety!

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