5 Simple Exercises To Burn More Calories


Simple Exercises To Burn More Calories

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These days time is more of a luxury. People don’t really seem to be able to carve out even half an hour for a workout at the gym from their ever-busy schedules. But what if you can burn 500 calories in a matter of 30 mins without having to step into the gym? Amazing, right? Want to know what those exercises are? Well, keep reading this post!

The best part is that you don’t require any fancy gym equipments for these exercises, you only need will power. And it is well known that will power can take you places!

Keep reading for the Simple Exercises To Burn More Calories,

Sand running

A young woman walking on the sand.

Running on sand torches more number of calories as the surface is soft and offers more resistance than a hard surface. The lower limbs and the core muscles need to work harder in order to retain your momentum and sand’s unstable nature gets your muscles into action for stability and balance.

Studies have found that running on sand burns 60% more calories than running on a normal hard surface. The beach is an excellent place to try this out but if you don’t have access to the beach, you can always choose other places that have a sandy surface.


Top Exercises To Lose Weight bicycling

Do you know that cycling can help in burning 500 calories in a matter of half an hour? It works well both on a stationary bike or a bicycle. To increase the no of calories you burn, you have to increase your speed as well as resistance level on the stationary bike or ride your cycle uphill if you are using a bicycle.

Running upstairs


You will burn more number of calories by running up stairs just for 30 mins. The heavier you are the more calories you burn while running upstairs. You can do this exercise very easily in any building that has stairs (and most building do!). Running down the stairs does not burn so many calories but it does help in toning the muscles that are needed for balance and coordination.

Skipping rope


Skipping rope regularly helps in building speed, agility and endurance. It also helps in improving bone strength and overall health and fitness. If you want to increase the number of calories you burn, you can use a weighted rope. It will also strengthen and tone the muscles of your arms.

There are many ways to increase the number of calories you burn with every workout. Doing so will boost your body’s metabolism naturally. Also make sure that you warm up and cool down when you exercise as this helps improve performance that in turn increases the number of calories you burn while exercising.

Though exercising will definitely help you burn off all the extra calories, if you haven’t been physically active for a while, you should not spring up to action immediately. Slow and steady wins the race, remember? So, hold on to your horses and follow an exercise routine that progresses slowly, giving your muscles the time to get well adjusted to your exercise regime.

So, do try the simple Exercises To Burn More Calories!

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