Exercises To Gain Weight For Women


Exercises To Gain Weight For Women

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Everyone has some shortcoming or the other with regard to body type. The fat people want to lose weight and the thin ones want to gain some! Yes, people with a thin frame and lean structure yearn to have a fuller body. They try their best by increasing their food intake but still fail to gain weight. Are you one amongst them? The solution of your body type is ‘exercising’.

First of all, you should find out whether you are underweight. This can be done by calculating the BMI (Body mass index). If the BMI happens to be less than 18.5 you fall in the underweight category.

You can use online BMI calculators to calculate your BMI. The normal BMI range is between 18.5 and 24.9.

How To Calculate BMI

Working out can definitely be helpful in gaining weight as it increases muscle mass.

Heavy weight lifts

For weight gain there needs to be a focus on free weight exercises that target large muscle groups. And the best part is that you don’t need any fancy gym equipments for it.

Free weights put a stress on your muscles and stimulate the muscle fibres making them expand in size. The best weight training exercises for increasing muscle mass are resistance training exercises like dead lifts, barbell rows, squats, bench press, bar dips and pull ups.


The aim of the exercises is to target the body’s larger muscles and aid their growth to increases muscle mass. For the upper body, push-ups are excellent whereas squats and lunges are the best for the muscles of the thighs. To build your calves, standing heel raises are the best, for the abs you need to do crunches and for the arms and back you need to do pull ups.

Anaerobic vs Aerobic exercise

Aerobic vs Anaerobic Exercise Which Is Better

Anaerobic means ‘without oxygen’. Anaerobic exercises use the body’s muscles at high intensity for short durations. Weight training is effective for muscle weight gain because it is an anaerobic exercise. For weight loss people are asked to do a lot of biking, running, walking and exercises that burn calories.

Diet for weight gain

How much ever you workout, diet remains an important factor when you want to gain some weight. The formula is pretty simple. Eat more calories than your body burns. Muscles require fuel of high calorie as well as exercise to grow and become larger. Here you need the help of a dietician to plan your weight-gain diet. If you don’t plan your diet properly, you will only burn calories while exercising instead of gaining muscle mass.


You need to find out how many calories are required to reach the desired weight and then track the intake of daily calories. Eat 6 meals a day after a gap of 3 hours. Increase the intake of protein as it helps in building muscles.

Points to keep in mind

1) The weight training should be done under the supervision of a gym trainer

2) You need to space out your workouts in order to achieve better results.

3) When your BMR is high, short bursts of intense exercise are required instead of long periods of low stress activity.

4) Stick to your exercise and diet plan. Be consistent. It might actually take a long time for the weight increase to happen. Be patient and you will get what you desire for.

Hope you found this post on exercises that help weight gain useful!

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