7 Exercises To Lose Weight Without Spending Money!


Exercises To Lose Weight Without Spending Money

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Life is super hectic these days and being fit and healthy is everyone’s goal in life! People spend a lot to lose weight and stay fit. The expenditure can be in form of gym memberships, gym equipments or weight loss pills. Have you ever wondered whether you can lose weight without shelling out much? Here are some simple exercises to lose weight without spending money!

1) Brisk walking

women walking- How To Walk 10,000 Steps A Day

Talking about cardio, what can be better than brisk walking? It costs you nothing and is a refreshing exercise for beginners. Allot some time for a walk in the morning and do it on an everyday basis.

2) Running

Running Profile

You simply need to invest in a pair of running shoes and you are good to go. It helps in weight loss as well as stamina building. If weight loss is on your mind, you have to be committed to running. Set attainable goals and try to cover a specific distance within a particular time. You can torch a lot of calories by running.

3) Skipping

p04 Skipping game

Remember the good old days when as a child you used to do skipping? It is an amazing exercise to lose weight. You only need a skipping rope and some time off a busy schedule. There are so many benefits of skippingclick!

4) Climbing stairs


You don’t need any investment for this exercise. You can climb the stairs in your own building. This method of weight loss influences gravity. The heavier you are, the harder you are forced to work and burn more number of calories. Stair climbing is an intense workout that raises heart rate thereby improving cardiovascular fitness.

5) Outdoor sports

woman playing sport for fitness

Instead of staying glued to your computer screen to play games online, you should consider going outdoors and try out real sports. Try playing badminton, tennis or table tennis ( as only 2 people are needed to play) . If you have a gang of friends along, you can play volleyball or throwball as well.

6) Cycling

cycling to Lose Belly & Chest Fat for Men

Cycling is the best way of reducing the risk of suffering from heart attack, stroke, certain types of cancer, diabetes, depression, arthritis and obesity. It is a great low impact exercise. Don’t worry if you missed your gym workout, just pick up your cycle and go for a ride. However, don’t exhaust yourself!

7) Practice Surya Namaskar

Surya Namaskar For Weight Loss

Surya Namaskar is one of the most ancient yoga asanas. It has amazing weight loss benefits. In order to practice it, you must carry out several forwards and backward bending yoga poses that flex and stretch the spinal column thereby activating several muscles throughout the upper and middle body parts. Ideally it should be done in the morning but you can practice it many times during the day.

Now, you can see that weight loss is not expensive if you choose the right things and are disciplined. It is not mandatory to join the gym. You can burn calories without going to the gym too.

Apart from exercising to burn calories, you need to control your diet for successful weight loss.

Will you try these exercises to lose weight without spending money?

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