5 Exercising Tips For PCOS


Exercising Tips For PCOS

How I Cured PCOS Naturally

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Exercising is a must for someone who is suffering from PCOS. Doctors say that weight loss and exercise can be helpful in improving hormone levels as well as insulin resistance. Now, how and where do you start with exercising? Don’t worry, you have landed at the right place!

Find exercising tips for PCOS below:

1) Walk

how to walk for weight loss

Walking may seem to be a rather simple way of exercising but it is incredibly beneficial. A walk in nature’s lush greenery can help in relieving stress. Heading outdoors also gives you your dose of vitamin D. According to scientists 85 percent of women with PCOS are deficient in vitamin D.

Walking also makes you live longer. It can add 3 to 7 years to your lifespan. Find a step tracker to record the number of steps you take in a day and it will keep you motivated enough for your daily 20 min long walk.

2) Balance things out

stretching can hurt you 1

You need to balance your routine. Exercise does not mean that you just do cardio. Cardio maybe good for your heart and burning fat but it is not the only kind of exercise that fights PCOS. You need to work on adding muscle mass to your body and burn more calories. It will make you stronger and give you other health bonuses.

Stretching is also important after each workout you do so that injury risk is less and also you don’t feel too sore the next day. Try yoga or Pilates to improve flexibility.

Choosing your workouts is up to you. However, make sure you have variety to meet the body’s needs and also keep your motivation levels up.

3) Choose Interval Training to burn more calories

interval training

When short of time, you should consider Interval Training. You can read more on HIIT here –  Click! HIIT or high intensity interval training helps in burning more calories when compared to steady state jogging or cycling. Studies show that HIIT has positive effects on PCOS. Women with PCOS can lose more weight and keep it off with the help of HIIT.

HIIT is more fun and will make you stick to your exercise routine. So, do try HIIT.

4) Do strength training

Woman-Lifting-Weight building lean muscle

The notion that women should not do strength training is soon fading away. Also, men and women are choosing to do similar workouts. If a strength training exercise is good for a man, it is good for you too, especially when you have PCOS.

When you have more muscles, you will burn more calories even while you sit down. This will make losing weight easier.

When you add weights to an exercise regime, it will prevent loss of lean muscle mass as you diet. Most women are scared that by lifting weights they will bulk up but that is not true. The body of woman does not build muscle this way! 30 to 60 min strength training a week will make your body appear more toned and defined.

5)  Have a workout buddy

yoga partnersstretching

When you have a friend along things get a lot easy. Even a tough exercise class can become a breeze as you can both laugh and moan with your buddy and tell her about your muscle soreness the next day.

Hope you found the exercising tips for PCOS useful!

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