Experience At A Weight loss Farm In India


Weight-loss FarmExperience At A Weight loss Farm In India

Hey Guys!!

Long time no see… How are you??

Was busy with exams, the bane of living I tell you. Anyhow, am back now, since I was home “studying” I used to go down sometimes for a walk, to get my mind around other things, so the story goes like, I was out for a walk and while returning home I bumped into a gym friend, she used to come for like a couple of months and left the gym with “I don’t think It’s working, and anyway you put on weight after you leave gym, it’s just not my thing!” So this chick was out for a walk to, hence when two fitness enthused people meet we love to share our new found remedies and hits and misses with each other. This time I did not have much to say except I do a few things to just keep it stable and not let it increase, since I have exams (I have put on 3kgs since Diwali, Christmas just added to my worries, the sweets!)

This time she told me something new, strange for me but exciting for her. She has a friend who had joined a weight-loss farm near Pune and had already lost 10 kilos in 2 weeks! I was hooked, in dire need of weight-loss I just needed to hear this one out. My first question was “Did she gain it back?” My friend said “No, she has maintained it for two months now, with a proper diet and exercise” “So, it always comes down to proper diet and exercise, what’s new at this farm then?” This is what she told me:

“The friend is obese, she went there and was given a specific diet and a separate room to stay in. She had a few good contacts to get inside the farm in the first place. There is a huge waiting. I have got an appointment after 5 months of waiting. This farm is really peaceful, all green, and quite, you are supposed to get up at the dawn and exercise the whole day, get massages and eat what they serve. Isn’t that a bliss now? Am so looking forward to this experience.” When I asked her what the diet comprises of, she said “Oh they give you fruits, unlimited access to fruits”

post workout bingeing woman fruitsNow, I was much exited to dissect this fad! I came home and did an extensive “research” :p

While doing this, I told my Mom what I was up to, she had her input too, since she has been a train traveler all her life, due to work of course, she has her group of “train friends”. A women from her group had also experienced the Farm. She was all awed by it and was telling her group how they would give them piping hot Bhakri and fresh veggies grown at the farm itself, the relaxing massages et al. So, the information which my friend gave seem to be precise except the diet part. So when dwelled further, this is what I found, Firstly you need to get an appointment. Yes, the waiting part is true. Then they ransack your luggage, you are just allowed to carry clothes, nothing else, no medicines whatsoever and no outside food, however healthy it is. Just you and your clothes go in. Then you are allotted a room. It is supposed to be like a hotel room with basic amenities.

The day starts at dawn, with an alarm that goes off in the entire farm, you need to get up and jog/walk around the field. Then comes breakfast. People are divided as per weight and food is allotted as per the weight, ranging from proper food to just fruits or just coconut water, again exercise, then massage, then lunch same as breakfast, lucky few get food, others fruits or coconut water, relaxing afternoon follows, then again exercise later dinner and then rest. This program is fixed for the extent of your stay.



With this kind of diet and exercise we can lose weight easily. In the given environment, it doesn’t even seem so hard. But what about when we get back to our routine life? When we cannot spend hours exercising and definitely not eating just fruits or coconut water. This type of lifestyle is hard to maintain and very temporary, so I don’t think it will give you lasting results. For those of you trying it out, do let me know how it went, I would let you know in 6 months how this friend has fared so far!

You can also read about this experience in Confessions of a Serial Dieter by Kali Puri.

Hope this was helpful, anyone experienced this farm? Please let us in on your views… it may be helpful to us. My opinion is subject to practical thinking about the lifestyle and I would feel glad if I find somebody experienced with this farm change it for me!

This is Pooja… Bye 🙂

If you have ever been to any Weight loss Farm then write your views about them.

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