Fabindia Organic Lemon Ginger Herbal Tea Review

fabindia organic lemon tea

Fabindia Organic Lemon Ginger Herbal Tea Review

Hello Fitness lovers,

I am here with a healthy drink review of an organic herbal tea from Fabindia which consists the goodness of lemon & ginger which are great anti-oxidants and immunity boosters for the human body especially in the winter season when the body is prone to a number of disease and common cold & cough problems.

fabindia organic lemon tea

About Fabindia Organic Lemon Ginger Herbal Tea

Spicy, invigorating taste of ginger combined with the citrus flavor of lemon, this herbal tea uses green tea as a primary ingredient. Perfect for enrgising yourself after a long day. Available in easy to use teabags, you can enjoy a cup of this soothing tea in an instan.All processes, from growing to preparing to packing have been done according to national and International standards, verified by accredited agencies.

fabindia organic herbal tea

Price– INR 150 for 50g (25*2g)

Packaging– This organic tea comes in a simple cardboard packaging which consists of the 25 tea bags arranged in an orderly fashion. Each tea bag contains 2g of this herbal tea ingredients and ensures a cup full of a refreshing dose of green tea which is a great drink to de-stress the body.

fabindia lemon organic tea

My Experience with  Fabindia Organic Lemon Ginger Herbal Tea

Usually green tea is considered a great option for refreshing one’s body and mind and relieves pain and stress in the body. It also aids in weight loss and maintaining a fitness level of the body by boosting the metabolism.

Well, I have never been a great fan of green tea due to the peculiar taste. But surprisingly, I have tried this organic green tea a few times and I am really liking just because it doesn’t taste that bad and also works in relieving the pain and stress of my body & mind respectively.

fabinida herbal tea

This tea soothes the mind after its consumption and you will feel that the fatigue is gone after the intake of this herbal tea.

 Another good thing about this tea is that unlike other green tea variants available, one can easily add honey or sugar in this and then have it based on the individual taste.

But due to healthy lifestyle I avoid adding any amount of sugar or honey in this and still it taste nice that one can easily have it as a great drink for the winter season.

 This herbal tea can be consumed cold or hot but during winters a hot cup of this herbal tea is really heavenly as it tends to keep the body warm and also give a refreshing feel to the body taking away all the stress of the soul.
This herbal tea is purely free from calories and has no amount of carbs which makes it an ideal drink for Low Carb followers to have in the chilly winter evening.
fabinida lemon herbal tea
Overall, I am really fond of this herbal tea and these days as the winter season is getting more chilly day by day. After consuming it, I have a relaxed body and its tends to provide that warmth to the body.

What I like about  Fabindia Organic Lemon Ginger Herbal Tea?-

  • Purely organic tea
  • Tastes nice
  • Different from other green tea variants
  • Honey/ sugar can be added
  • Relaxes the body
  • Relieves the body from stress
  • Economical price

What I don’t like about  Fabindia Organic Lemon Ginger Herbal Tea?

  • Availability may be an issue
Rating -4.5/5

Have you tried  Fabindia Organic Lemon Ginger Herbal Tea?

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