7 Fabrics To Avoid This Summer


Fabrics To Avoid This Summer

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It is really HOT! It is the season of scorching heat and incessant sweating. While nothing can be done about the soaring temperature, you can make lifestyle tweaks to bear the heat. Your fashion sense may ask you to wear outfits made you of synthetic fabric but can you handle the sweat and skin rashes. You will probably keep scratching yourself. In order to avoid the discomfort, here are some fabrics to avoid this summer.

1) Leather

leather pants - Fabric to avoid this summer

You want to rock in your leather pants and jackets? Well, keep them for winters. Leather is non-breathable and it does not allow circulation of air. You will feel hot and stuffy in them. Leather pants especially will make you suffer from skin chaffing.

2) Net material

There are so many women who are head over heels in love with their net sarees and you may say that hey, net clothes have holes in them. But do you know that they will make you feel extremely uncomfortable during the heat? Net irritates the skin and causes rashes and redness.

3) Polyester

One of the most common synthetic fabric, polyester should e kept for winters. This fabric does not absorb water and tends to hold moisture in the fabric for long. When you happen to wear it on a hot day, you will sweat profusely. Since the fabric holds sweat, your skin will get prone to rashes and infection.

4) Satin

Satin dress - fabrics to avoid this summer

Satin looks good and feels good, but it is a definite no-no during summer. It will make you immensely uncomfortable. The first reason is that it is very heavy and the second reason is that it is a non-breathable fabric. It will make you feel hot and at the same time trap the sweat. This makes you prone to fungal skin infections. Also, when you skin is in constant contact with sweat and satin it gets chaffed.

5) Silk

In spite of being a natural fibre, silk repels water and it doesn’t completely absorb the sweat. It gets moist and most often stinks due to the sweat. You must have felt that the underarms of your dress get stained due to sweating. Silk being a non-breathable fabric, doesn’t allow the air to circulate making you immensely uncomfortable. So, skip silk sarees this season and wear cotton ones instead.

6) Rayon

Rayon is not considered synthetic by many as it is made out of cellulose. It is cheaper than silk but not a great idea for summers. Rayon does not absorb sweat and hence tends to irritate the skin, resulting in itching and rashes. For the sake of your skin it would be better to give this material a skip this season.

7) Nylon

nylon - fabrics to avoid in summer

Nylon is on synthetic fabric that should be avoided at any cost in summers. It is mainly used to make gym wear and stockings. What I don’t understand is that why is nylon used to make gym clothes when it is a synthetic fabric? How will it absorb the sweat? The fabric is just like a furnace. It traps heat inside and makes you feel hot. Your skin is also bound to get irritated when you wear clothes made out of nylon.

So, this season it would be wiser to stick to cotton and let your skin breathe.

Hope you found this post on fabrics to avoid this summer useful!

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