Things to be careful about while using face masks

face masks

Things to be careful about while using

face masks

 In the current situation of the pandemic, face masks have become the urgent need of the hour. It is highly recommended for any person to step outside the house to cover the face. But another observation that has been popularly seen is that people are not aware of what’s the real way of using the masks. Improper usage will be equal to no use at all. A proper face covering should comfortably fit your face and should be secured with ties. It should have multiple layers of fabric for protection but at the same time should allow breathing. 

face masks

DIY Face masks 

It is highly recommended that face coverings should be used at places of social gathering like grocery shops, milk vendors, etc. Face coverings made out of simple fabric can also be used because you can’t be sure if the person you are dealing with is affected or not, he might be infected without even knowing himself. Thus, prevention is always better. The N95 mask is necessary only for the people engaged in the medical profession, apart from that using a regular face covering is recommended. It is also advised that the face coverings should be washed as per the usage. It is said that after removing the mask you should wash your hands thoroughly and restrict yourself from touching the face. 

Surgical face masks

It is a loose-fitting mask that in disposable and rectangular in shape. The surgical mask is suggested only if you are suffering from fever or cold or any kind of respiratory disease. 

Before putting on a mask you should thoroughly wash your hands. You should not touch the mask multiple times when it’s on your face. Also, reuse should be completely avoided. Before removing a mask also, the hands should be thoroughly washed and the mask should be disposed of immediately and then again you should wash your hands. 

N95 Respirator

These fit specifically to your face and thus for the same reason ensure more safety. The thing to be kept in mind is that it should fit your face completely. The N95 respirator filters the pathogens better than any surgical mask. 

What else…

The other things that are also equally important to keep yourself safe are washing your hands thoroughly, using alcohol-based sanitizer, practicing social distancing, and avoiding touching your face with hands. 

Our take

1. Always make sure to wash your hands before and after wearing a face mask.

2. Retouching of the mask should be avoided.

3. The mask should not be dangling from one ear, that would serve no purpose.

4. Ensure proper disposal of the face mask once it’s used.

So it can be concluded that the various types of masks are necessarily based on the exposure level that an individual is facing. For the most basic ones if surgical masks are not available then the normal face coverings can be considered but if someone is suffering from any kind of respiratory disease, or they might be in direct contact with the infected in these cases the surgical masks or preferably the N95 masks should be considered. Stay home, stay safe! 


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