Facebook Is Used To Reduce Mental Fatigue


Facebook Is Used To Reduce Mental Fatigue – Research

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Facebook has become a part of life. People rant on facebook, couples wish a happy wedding anniversary to each other on facebook (grrrh), they show off on facebook, so it is like people do almost everything on facebook 😛

Now, all that was my opinion but I know that it is not wrong!

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If you happen to find an employee logged onto facebook during working hours, it may be that he or she is taking a break from work and trying to fight tiredness. A new survey says that employees use social media at work for several reasons, taking a mental break is one of the most common one. So, in a way facebook is used to reduce mental fatigue.

Almost 34% of the people who were surveyed use social media at work in order to take a mental break. The survey says that the digital platforms have the potential to enhance the productivity of employees by letting them connect with colleagues and resources all around the globe. However, employers worry that their employees are using social media for non-work related purposes during working hours and this can have a bad impact on their organization.

27% use social media in order to connect with friends and family at work while 24% use it for making or supporting financial connections.

20% take the help of social media to get information that helps in solving problems at work. 17% use it to build and strengthen personal relationships with colleagues.

Some 14% of workers found information on social media that has improved their opinion regarding a colleague professionally at the same time 16% have found the info on social media that has lowered their opinion about a collegue.

23% of workers between the age of 18 to 29 have discovered info on social media that has improved their professional opinion of a coworker.

Many employees say that their employers have certain policies regarding the use of social media while at office or about how to present themselves on social media sites.

It has been found that in offices where there are at-work social media policies, workers are less likely to use social media for personal work while on the job. 78% of employees who are using social media platforms for work related purposes believe that social media is useful in finding new job opportunities and for networking.

Finally about 56% of the employees feel that using social media helps in improving job performance. 22% believe that it hurts most of the time, 16% feel that it does not have too much of an impact and 4% can see both the benefits and drawbacks.

Around 17% say that they hardly use internet for tasks related to work on a typical day whereas 25% reported that they never use the internet for work related issues.

So, that was found by the researchers. Seeing what friends are upto can immensely reduce mental fatigue. It can also have the opposite effect because you may feel that your life is not as enjoyable and your friends seem to be way more successful and happy in life. However, this is purely my opinion.

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