4 Facebook Weight Loss Mistakes You Do As A Dieter!


4 Facebook Weight Loss Mistakes You Do As A Dieter!

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Are you a facebook addict or someone who runs away from it? Never mind, putting your diet and fitness goals on facebook can possibly help you stay on track. And reading other people’s diet plans and progress can also be inspirational.

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Don’t start jumping so soon! According to one study those who shared weekly exercise goals on facebook did not exercise more than those who had kept their exercise plans to themselves. Another survey on college going women reveals that those who compare their figure with their facebook friends are having more chances of indulging in risky diet plans.

So, all of you who are sharing your diet and exercise goals on fb are going wrong somewhere or the other. Here is that in detail:

Mistake 1: You declare your weight loss goals for the entire facebook world to see

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Your goals are big and only when your share them with your 500+ friends on fb, you can stay committed. That’s wrong, says an expert dietician. It can be quite tempting to post unrealistic posts such as losing 15 kilos before your bday or eating clean hereafter but doing all this makes you feel bad about yourself when you are not able to reach the goal. It is quite embarrassing to fail in front of everyone.

Way out: Rather than sharing your goals post your mini-successes instead. Brag humbly about visiting the gym 5 times this week or getting into your old pair of jeans. Such posts will get more likes and positive comments, which will ultimately make you feel good and keep you on track.

Mistake 2: You post updates while exercising at the gym

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If you do so, you better stop. You are distracting yourself by posting updates on fb in the middle of your workout. Moreover, new research says that people who use smartphones while working out are the ones who face reduced exercise intensity, which means there would be a lesser burning of calories and less health benefits.

The way out: Keep your phone away from you, which is the only way out.

Mistake 3: You are constantly looking at pics of food

How healthy is sushi

You must have seen pics of a bowl of seemingly delicious gulab jamuns on facebook or a plate of chatpati panipuri! You must not just have got tempted to ‘like’ them but also tempted to find them around you so that you can eat them. Such things can not just sabotage your dieting plans but also turn food into a source of entertainment. By constantly seeing images of foods your visual senses get over-stimulated and the idea of nourishment from food vanishes.

The way out: Try to find out the calories in the food in the pic and remind yourself of your weight loss goal. Stop following food groups, food bloggers or friends who make good food.

Mistake 4: You compare your progress with that of others

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It is not possible for you to control yourself from comparing your results with that of your other friends on facebook. Research says that constant comparison will make you feel like you have failed. When you don’t see results in spite of your hard work, you are bound to give up especially when your friend has achieved her goal.

The way out: Focus upon yourself and leave the rest. Keep reminding yourself that you are losing weight just for the sake of your own good health. This will keep unhealthy comparisons at bay.

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