Facial Hair-Only A Beauty Issue?


Facial Hair-Only A Beauty Issue?

Heya Everyone,

I had an interesting conversation with a young girl at my office last week. She would be around 22 years of age and like everyone, she is enthusiastic about her career. I somehow felt that she was uncomfortable mingling with people and the kind of devil I am, I reached out to her and asked what her problem was. She just uttered a few words – “I don’t feel confident”! These few words are too strong, strong enough to shake someone’s persona. I did not ask her why since I did not want her to weep.

I went back and thought about all possible reasons that were devastating this poor girl’s confidence and affecting her life so much that she avoids people. I could not find any reasons for she is not fat, looks ok, and is good at communication and work too. I forgot this conversation, until today when I found her ladies washroom, staring at mirror angrily.

I now, knew the reason of her agony and her low confidence. I did not notice that the girl had facial hair on side locks, chin and neck. Seeing her sad, I told her to make use of coming weekend and groom herself, to which she replied – “who can look beautiful with such a hairy face?” She told me that she did try to wax but it’s very painful. With regular shaving, she has developed in growth and she hates to touch her face.

Facial Hair-Only A Beauty Issue

I told her to get testosterone test and PCOS profiling done and she stared at me with a blank face. According to her, hairy face is a beauty problem. I was a little taken aback and realized not everyone knows that in ideal scenario, women don’t have facial hair like men do, simply because in women, the male hormone – testosterone is less. When testosterone is haywire, women show characteristics similar to men like facial hair and heavy voice.

Therefore, No – facial hair is not a beauty problem. It’s a hormonal issue.

Reasons of Facial Hair

Ladies – We undergo hormonal changes during various phases in life like puberty, menopause ! A lot of chemicals create turmoil in our bodies and we sometimes don’t understand that our lot of issues happen due to it.

Please get your testosterone levels checked. Go for PCOS profiling if you have PCOS. Please take medications if required, after consultation with a doctor. Check out review of this PCOS supplement  .

Lastly, eat healthy and think positive. Nothing heals us more than food. We mess up with food and our lifestyle, that’s the reason we invite unnecessary troubles in our life. Stop fretting, we don’t need to control everything in life !

Stay healthy, stay happy !

P.S- Follow this PCOS series for more information, we will keep posting PCOS related articles.

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