Facial Pains And What They Indicate

facial pain

Facial Pains And

What They Indicate

Facial pain

The pain which occurs in the orofacial region (face, mouth, ears, eyes and the head) is normally the result of a problem, which is somewhere far from it. According to a study, people who complained about the headaches at the top of the skull and had the rigidity near the base; It was due to the tips of the fingers rather than the stress because the fingers had the nerves connected directly to the top of the skull and often, the slight uneasy activity at the tip may result in an extreme headache. 

Here, we have a detailed insight on various facial pains and what they indicate.

  1. Symptom: Deep-dull headache

What Facial pains indicate

Condition: Neck muscle contraction

Caused by: Whiplash (neck injury), poor posture and long hours at the logical machines, physical stress.

It is known as myofascial pain, and occurs at the center of the neck and continues itself to any point along the length, and breadth of muscle. These are also called as cervical headaches or tension headaches (Tension doesn’t mean here, to physiological stress but the forces which are acting against the muscle).

  1. Symptom: Ache at base of skull, neck and face

Different Facial Pains And What They Indicate

Condition: Rounded shoulders (slouching)

Caused by: Poor sleeping posture (usage of the wrong pillow) and over-exercising upper body at the gym.

The internally forward rotated shoulders increase the compression around the collar bone and the attached muscle. It also shortens the chest and shoulder blade muscle to compassionate for the original positioning. When a patient makes a lean forward; It brings the head and neck forward, later his/her body is forced to extend the back of the neck to keep the eyes horizontal, which rather results in an overactivity near the base of the skull. This constant effort to make your head in the normal position is what makes you feel the pain.

  1. Symptom: Electric trauma-like pain in cheeks, near nose and jaw.

facial pain

Condition: Trigeminal Neuralgia (TN)

Caused by: Blood vessel compelling on a nerve inside the skull or multiple sclerosis (A disease which eats away the protective covering of nerves).

An intrusion on a nerve branch in the spinal cord or brain stem that is visible on the trigeminal nucleus. The trigeminal nerve has three sensations, which includes checks, forehead and lower jaw. Here, the nerves are covered by insulation called myelin. Somewhere near the last few millimeters, this area in the brain stem opens up; It remains naked and ultrasensitive. When a nerve passes through this area, the blood vessel becomes impulsive and causes severe pain. This pain can also be triggered by the smallest of the accumulations like brushing and chewing etc.

  1. Symptom: Ache in ear-lower part of your face, facial pain, limited range of motion of mouth, and joint noise

Facial pain

Condition: Jaw disorder

Caused by: Grinding of teeth in sleep, supporting phone between neck and shoulder, biting nails, clenching teeth during a task that requires focus.

The jaw joint is located in the front of the ears and joins the lower jaw with the skull. It makes the person possible to sing, whistle, chew, and shout. Often considered as the most used joint; a Dysfunction of the joints can lead to a series of pain-related problems like sleep apnoea and snoring. The smallest of the stimulation is indeed a result of dysfunction caused by these pains. Make sure you don’t try to overdo things in a smaller period of time. Maintain a good posture while doing things. Often the pain is wrongly attributed, before releasing anything; check for its consequences, then do the proper medication.

Facial pains and what they indicate need to be understood before reaching any conclusion.

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