Facials Can Harm Your Skin Say Dermatologists!


Facials Can Harm Your Skin Say Dermatologists! Find Out!

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Women love getting themselves pampered at the salon! They simply book an appointment for their favourite facial and don’t mind spending thousand bucks for getting their skin pampered. You too get a facial done once in a while? If yes, you need to read this post!

Why fairness creams are harmful for skin

When done right by a good beautician, a facial can be a relaxing and soothing. It can leave you feeling fresh and pretty. However, you need to reconsider if you should get an expensive facial done or not. Heading to parlour for a facial is a growing trend but dermatologists warn that a facial might actually harm your skin. And when a dermatologist speaks up, you better listen!

One famous dermatologist says that facials are nothing more than a gimmick. People should know that facials done in beauty salons should not be considered as anything more than a monthly pampering session. You cannot expect it to miraculously make your skin look younger and fairer.

Facials can cause more problems for your skin instead of improving it. This can happen especially when you make the mistake of getting a facial done more than once in a month. The reality is that most beauticians are not aware of the right method to massage your face and they end up scrubbing the skin with strong and harsh movements that cause and probably aggravate skin pigmentation or dark spots. Now, you don’t want that to happen to you right?

rash-on-face-What Your Looks Indicate About Your Health

Dermatologists are of the opinion that people do notice some improvement in their skin that only lasts for a day or two. This is because facials help in providing moisture to the skin and nothing more. It is recommended by experts that as far as you can you must restrict facial activities or any amount of pressure applied to the face. Many beauticians don’t know the right way of massaging the face. The face should always be massaged from bottom to top with less pressure. Apart from that, the method used in salons for removing blackheads is totally wrong. While trying to pluck it out aggressively, it can make the bacteria spread and thereby worsen the problem of blackheads and acne.

Dermatologists say that several patients com to them with bruises and abrasions on the face because of a facial gone wrong. The most astonishing part is that some of the salons don’t use sterile equipments. One skin specialists says that she has treated several patients who have suffered from acne all over their face along with premature aging of the skin after getting facials done. Most often heavy creams are used during facials that that not just clog pores but also cause the skin to breakout. This happens because the beautician doesn’t bother about checking the skin condition of the client first. Also, sometimes people with sensitive skins can react to allergens in the creams. Moreover, wrong techniques of massaging can cause premature aging of the skin.

Hope you would avoid getting facials done after reading this!

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