5 Factors Affecting Your Running

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Factors Affecting Your Running

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Are you into running? How did it feel while training today? Runners usually experience several ups and downs through the days and weeks of training. Some days are simply too good, there are times when you are left wondering why your last run was so horrible. Check out these 5 possible reasons:

Factors Affecting Your Running

1) Recovery Process

Your energy levels while running are linked to how much your body has recovered from your previous workouts. Just ask yourself, ‘What have I done yesterday?’. Any long run or taxing workout requires 24 hours for recovery. Depending on the fitness level of the runner, this period can even stretch out to 48 hours or longer. It is essential for runners to keep a track of their workouts and keep some space between the hardest and longest runs. When they are not recovered completely, they find it difficult to achieve their workout goals.

Tip: Keep a gap of two to three days between your hardest speed and quality workouts. Doing two intense quality workouts in one week is a great goal for most runners.

2) Nutrition

The energy you get from food is known to affect your energy levels too. The food consumed before working out gives you fuel and what you consume after the workouts provides you with the tools you need for recovery. If runners do not consume enough carbs on the day and morning before workouts, they will have low amount of fuel which means no energy. And suppose they don’t consume sufficient protein post workouts, they will negatively affect the ability of the body to recover the right way.

3) Sleep

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Sleep is extremely essential for runners. Most amount of their post-run recovery occurs when you are asleep. When runners begin skimping on sleep, they deprive their bodies of the critical recovery time. This can lead to less energy during runs. Travel is tough for runners as it can have early waking up, jet lag and longer days. All the challenges can affect recovery promoting sleep.

Tip: The week before your big race, get a few extra minutes of sleep every night. The extra minutes add up and help more recovery. This will make you feel better on the day of the race or on a key workout day.

4) Hydration

The human body is like a sponge. When a sponge gets dry, it does not work fine. Hydration is very important for everybody. When runners do not drink enough fluid every day, their muscles will not be able to operate well. The bodies of runners require more amount of water to work fine. Also, remember that drinking alcohol robs the body of fluid.

Tip: Drink more water and avoid alcohol completely before the key workouts.


5) Mental state

You should keep in mind that your mental state of mind plays an essential role in how you feel while you are running. If a runner is under an emotional stress, the physical stress of a hard workout becomes too much to handle.  Emotional stress can affect sleep and ability to recover. So, if you are going through a tough time, your running can be tough.

Tip: Go easy if you are affected mentally. While exercise does clear your mind, it can become a source of stress if you push too hard. Take it easy!

When you have a bad experience while working out, keep the above in mind!

Hope you liked reading this post on Factors Affecting Your Running!

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