8 Factors That Harm Gut Bacteria


Factors That Harm Gut Bacteria

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Do you care for the little fellas residing in your gut? You must, as they are the friendly bacteria that help in maintaining your health.

Gut flora for good health

Are you aware that there are a few things you do that harm your gut bacteria? Let us have a look at the factors that harm gut bacteria:

1) Not eating a variety of foods

fruits-and-veggies- ornish diet

Your gut flora can be considered to be healthy if it is rich and diverse. For a diverse gut flora, you need to consume a diet that has a wide variety of whole foods, namely: fruits, veggies and whole grains. You can alter your gut flora profile within a few days by changing your diet because food you consume offers nutrients to your bacteria to grow. Thus, a diet rich in whole foods offers a variety of nutrients that promote the growth of various friendly bacteria. As a result, your gut flora will be more diverse.

Unfortunately all of us are eating the same kinds of foods and there is not much  variety. By not ensuring that you eat a variety of foods, you are losing gut flora diversity. This can result in several negative health effects.

2) Lack of prebiotics

low carb veg

Prebiotics refer to a type of fibre that promotes the activity and growth of friendly gut bacteria. Foods that naturally contain prebiotic fibre include veggies, fruits and whole grains. Lack of prebiotics can harm your digestive health. More on prebiotics here – Click!

3) Drinking excess of alcohol

Foods Which Make You Fat diet alcohol

Alcohol is highly toxic and addictive. It has harmful physical and mental effects when it is consumed heavily. Generally, it can harm gut bacteria. However, there is a twist to the story. It has been found that the polyphenol content present in red wine can have a protective effect on gut bacteria when it is consumed in moderate amounts.

4) Use of antibiotics

How self medication can be dangerous

Antibiotics is said to have an impact on the diversity and composition of gut flora. This has been found even in instances of short-term use. Antibiotics can have really harmful effects on gut bacteria that can last for up to 2 long years.

5) Lack of physical activity

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Most of us have a sedentary lifestyle and that is the root cause of all troubles. We humans need to be physically active. According to recent studies, physical activity can improve gut health. It has been found that by regular physical activity, the growth of two beneficial gut bacteria actually gets promoted. Such positive effects are not present in individuals who are not physically active.

6) Smoking

Passive Smoke

Smoking is extremely injurious to health. It harms almost every organ of the body. By giving up the habit of smoking, you can improve gut health and thereby increase gut flora diversity. This change can take place 9 weeks after you quit smoking tobacco.

7) Insufficient sleep

sleep tricks

Do you know that the human body has a 24 hour internal clock which is called the circadian rhythm? When you are sleep-deprived, this clock gets disrupted and has negative effects on gut bacteria. Thus, it is very important that you get your quota of sound sleep at night.

8) Too much of stress


Too much of stress in your life can bring down the gut flora diversity and alter the gut flora profiles by reducing the number of friendly bacteria such as Lactobacilli and letting harmful bacteria such as Clostridium grow. If there is a lot of stress in your life, you should sit down and find ways to throw it out of your life. There is no point in living with a burden.

Keep the above factors that harm gut bacteria in mind and make necessary lifestyle changes for the benefit of your gut flora. Their disruption can lead to several health issues.

Hope this post ”8 Factors That Harm Gut Bacteria” has been useful!

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