Scary Facts Of Dehydration That Will Make You Drink Water Everyday!

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Facts Of Dehydration You Should Know About!

Dehydration is, perhaps, one of those health issues that never gets due attention and care. Simply put, dehydration is the lack of water and salts that are essential for the normal functioning of the body. Lower water intake than the required levels drastically affects the body in more ways than one.

  1. Bad Breath

If you don’t want people to go ‘hahaha’ when you ‘open your mouth’, it’s really important to keep yourself hydrated. Because, dehydration reduces the saliva, which is actually the protection against bad breath causing bacteria.

Natural Remedies for Bad Breath - Solutions

  1. Sugar Cravings

Exercising in the dehydrated state, uses up the stored carbohydrates in the body. To replenish its depleted sources, the body hints at hunger through sugar cravings. Now I hope you know the reason behind those sudden cravings for chocolates!!

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  1. Wrecked workout

Dehydration lowers down stamina and efficiency. So, even though you may actually feel that you are working out at your hardest level, it could well be the hardest level, but not of your energetic self or even your normal self, But of your dehydrated self.


  1. Dry Skin

Being healthy on the outside, requires you to be healthy on the inside. A hydrated body will make sure that the skin never dries out. Water makes the skin glow naturally.


  1. Distorted driving

Dehydrated driving is perhaps as bad as drunken driving. Because just like the latter, it increases the chances of traffic accidents. So, to drive safe, remember to drink water before putting on the seat belt and hitting the road.


  1. Tiredness

Dehydration hits the body hard. It may make you feel tired during the peak hours of the day and it may as well have nothing to do with physical exertion.


  1. Sour mood

There is a reason why your mother asks you to drink water every time you go all cranky. This is because dehydration is a quick turn off that makes you all irritated and unfocused.


  1. Makes you feel cold

Water traps heat. A dehydrated body has no water to trap heat and hence lowers the body temperature and makes you go cold even in a moderate temperature.


  1. Cramped muscles

A dehydrated body is lower on its blood circulation. Since sufficient blood does not reach the muscles, it may lead to some really painful muscle cramps.


  1. Dizziness

The brain does not remain unaffected by lower blood circulation. The brain goes dizzy without water and, as a result, its productivity reduces.


  1. Headache

Lack of water can result in headaches too, both mild or migraines. So, the next time your head bursts gulping down water will really help.


  1. Constipation

Do you want to know why you have to wrestle with your body every morning for your morning duties? Withdrawal of water and hence fluids from the body makes it difficult for the stool to pass out of the body. Isn’t it more convenient to drink water than to be constipated?


Hope this post was useful!

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