Little Known Facts Of Walking For Weight Loss And Good Health!


Little known facts of walking! You wouldn’t have heard of these!

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Walking is great exercise but I am sure that most of you are not aware of many facts related to it! Well, without much ado here we go!

Facts Of Walking For Weight Loss And Good Health

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You shouldn’t be walking at a constant speed

According to a study done, it has been found that varying your speed while walking helps in burning more number of calories. You can burn 20 percent more calories if you keep varying your speed instead of moving at the same pace. To burn even more calories, you can choose a curved path to walk on instead of a straight path, also carry a backpack with you.

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Walking at night is more effective for losing belly fat

Walking is generally good for health but walking at night has an edge over morning walks as it helps digestion. To lose belly fat, all you need to do is to walk for about 15 mins each night after dinner. It burns more calories and causes less deposition of fat on the belly.

Stretch before you walk

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Majority of the people stretch only before exercising or playing sports. This is not a right practice as stretching aims at helping you loosen your muscles and prevents muscle pain or soreness. Not stretching before a walk is the reason why you have sore muscles and pain in the legs often.

Walk the right way

In order to lose weight, you need to walk the right way. Maintenance of the right posture with moving your arms sideways, elbows close to you and your chin parallel to the ground is important.

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You don’t need walking shoes

Walking doesn’t require a shock absorbent and hence there is no need for special shoes. However, in the past if you have had an injury, then it would be advisable to go in for a comfortable pair of shoes. You should not walk with flip flops or sandals while walking. Buy a pair of sneakers or sports shoes.

Walk in a park instead of the treadmill

Walking on a treadmill doesn’t have the benefits of walking outdoors. It is said in a study that walking outdoors in the fresh breeze with green and blue visuals improves health and wards of chronic illness that pops up during old age.

Enjoy the sun as you walk


Exposure to sunlight changes the levels of nitric oxide in the blood, which is known to lower your blood pressure. The skin is the storehouse of nitric oxide and when exposed to sunlight results in release of nitric oxide from the skin and into the blood.

Walk barefoot on grass

Walking barefoot on the grass is known to stimulate your nerve endings and help your body stay in equilibrium. Exposure to sunlight, fresh air and green hues of the grass is quite soothing to the mind and body.

After every 3 hours, walk for 10 minutes

Sitting and being inactive for long hours slows down your metabolism and increases your risk of getting lifestyle diseases. This is probably why you should walk for at least 10 mins every 3 hours. Doing so will improve your overall health and shrink your waist.

Weren’t these amazing facts of walking for weight loss and good health? Were you already aware of anyone of these?

Hope you found this post interesting!

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