Fad Diet Alert-Ice Cream Diet For Weight Loss!


Fad Diet Alert-Ice Cream Diet For Weight Loss!

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It would be a dream come true if you could binge on ice cream!! What if you can lose weight on an ice-cream diet! Ice cream diet!!! Yummm! An ice cream diet would be a delight for anyone! Is it possible to lose weight by just eating ice cream?? Well, read on to find more about the ice cream diet!

Fad Diet Alert-Ice Cream Diet For Weight Loss!

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How and where did this start?

An ice cream shop in California, Kippy’s Ice Cream Shop has come up with a cleanse diet and it claims that you can shed weight by following the diet. It is four day plan of eating 5 pints (which is 2.36 litres) of non-dairy ice cream (frozen treat). Doing Yoga exercises daily is also included in the plan. It costs 240 dollars for 4 days. The owner of the ice cream shop, Kippy miller says that the non-dairy frozen treat is basically raw coconut cream. It doesn’t have any dairy, sugar or soy in it.

5 pints of the frozen treat is around 1200 calories per day. It includes 70 g of fat and 120 g of total sugar. It seems twelve people have so far one the yoga-ice cream cleanse and have lost weight.

What is the non-diary ice cream made up of?

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All the frozen treats are made from coconut water, coconut cream, raw local honey and fresh fruit.

What does the fitness/Medical fraternity have to say?

Two people have completed the cleanse diet by consuming 20 pints of the ice cream and have lost 2 to 3 kilos. But they gained all the weight back during the weekend! So, what is the point? If you are gaining the weight back, it is by no way a wonder diet!

In order to lose weight one has to create a calorie deficit. Now, in this ice-cream diet, the calorie intake is reduced that leads to weight loss. Once you get back to your normal diet routine, you will end gaining it all back. It happens with every low calorie diet.

People have raised concerns over this diet as it has high saturated fat and sugar in it. Though the sugar is not processed, honey and fruit have natural sugars in them. WHO said that sugar (be it from any source) should be just 5% of a person’s daily calorie intake.

Risks involved

A doctor has said that an individual on this kind of a diet will be ingesting loads of processed saturated fat along with sugar each day. These are the worst things that one can dump into the body.

There not even an iota of scientific evidence that this ice cream diet can cleanse the body and improve one’s health. Such things are looked upon as gimmicks to make quick money. People who are obese are in a state of desperation to somehow lose weight. They bump on to such fad diets and get trapped easily. It is inhuman to take advantage of such individuals. These fad diets are expensive, unhealthy and ineffective. They spread a false belief that one can have a good body without any hard work. This deviates people from the right path to weight loss.

Bottom line:

Weight loss involves diet control, proper exercise and determination. Without these three elements you can’t get the body of your dreams! I know it is tempting to lose weight effortlessly but don’t get lured by fad diets. You can reap benefits by working the hard way. Get moving in the right direction.

Ice-cream diet does not work and is not healthy at all. It is just a fad. Stay away from fad diets!!

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