Fad Diet Alert!- The Sleeping Beauty Diet


Fad Diet Alert!- The Sleeping Beauty Diet

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Dieting is good if done in a healthy way but when people resort to dangerous tricks things get nasty. Here is another fad diet that is pretty unique. The longer you sleep the lesser you eat! Yes, it is called the sleeping beauty diet.

People who advocate the sleeping beauty diet claim that by sleeping for long hours you are reducing the food you eat. In addition the sleep helps in regulating your metabolism and results in weight loss.

The drawback is that there is very little scientific evidence to back the theories of the sleeping beauty diet. Plain logic says that if you are not awake you won’t eat and in all this your body will need nutrients that it will take from the stores in the body and you will lose weight. This kind of dieting is rather too drastic and not practical at all. People with a family to look after or those who are working cannot follow the sleeping beauty diet.

Followers of this diet have recommended the use of sedatives to be able to sleep for 20 hours a day at a time. Eating just one small meal that too not often is all the nutrition one gets. I am hitting the panic button here! It is a terribly dangerous way to live!

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Approaches to the sleeping beauty diet

There are two approaches to the sleeping beauty diet.

Approach 1: Simply sleep as much as possible. You have to sleep instead of eating. Have you ever gone to bed without having dinner? If yes, you will know how difficult it is to fall asleep on an empty stomach!!! I can already see the problem with this diet.

Approach 2: using sedatives to sleep continuously for several hours or days at a time. The thing here is that if you can’t get up you can’t eat. This seems to be downright dangerous as it affects brain health.

Recently research has been done in which a relationship has been found between sleep hormones and weight loss. This diet has been marketed using this scientific fact as an advantage. There is no other backing to this kind of dieting.

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How should the sleeping beauty diet be carried out?

The sleeping beauty diet has nothing to do with food as it not a diet at all. You are just tricking your body! Nothing is prescribed in this diet, what is prescribed is a general lack of eating and lots and lots of sleeping. There are certain sedatives that are recommended to lull you to sleep but you can get them only through a prescription. Now, if you happen to tell your doc about your motives he is just going to throw you out of his cabin 😛

Who will try this diet?

There are a few people probably celebs who will be ready to knock themselves out for a span of days to lose weight. No sane nutritionists will advocate this diet except for those people who came with this weight loss trick.

Why shouldn’t you be getting into the sleeping beauty diet?

The diet seems to be sheer madness. Sorry for being so pungent! It is an extremely bad idea to follow this diet. Playing with your body’s sleep cycle is one amongst the worst things you can do to yourself. By following the sleeping beauty diet you are not only using sedatives to force your body to sleep abnormally but you are stopping your eating as well.

Side effects of the diet

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Yes, initially you won’t know what you have done to yourself but after a few days you will start feeling certain side effects. You will have headaches, hallucinations- visual and auditory (OMG!!), loss of balance, mood swings, impaired speech, anger, inability to fall asleep naturally. I think this is enough to warn you from playing with your body!

The bottomline-

Don’t even think of following the sleeping beauty diet. There is nothing beautiful about it!

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