Failure Proof Ways To Motivate Yourself To Lose Weight


Failure Proof Ways To Motivate Yourself To Lose Weight

Who doesn’t want to look nice and presentable? We all do, right! You don’t have to follow the glossy magazine covers and the ramps; they hold ‘live mannequins’ and ‘reed-thin’ is not the ‘epitome of beauty’ per se.

If I can do it, so can you; yes we are all ‘differently wired’; but that doesn’t mean you cannot customize your needs and motivate yourself to be your best. Do this for YOU, and not for someone else or the world – be lovely and gorgeous, but for that you need to be ‘FIT’- in any body shape and size.

 Failure Proof Ways To Motivate Yourself To Lose Weight

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 A little positive reinforcement

Every now and then, we need that little positive reinforcement or pep talk; maybe from someone special, close or a mentor. Do you have one? If not, be your own ‘mentor, friend and guide’. Whether you want to shed that excess weight or deciding to go back to the ‘fit and healthy you’ – A BIG THUMBS UP to that thought. Let’s help you stay on track, alright!

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Begin by loving your own body

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Irrespective of the body shape you have right now, when confidence is shown and felt, the ‘positive mental health’ takes a boost. Find an instructor who appreciates your workout regimen, and please kill the inner critic within – a culprit that brings in fears.

Be realistic when setting goals

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Start small and be happy with it, the beginning doesn’t have to be hardcore and treacherous. Remember, every hot body you admire and drool over too began small. A walk in the park or a half an hour jog would be fine.

Have a plan

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Plan your meals, your training schedule, your work and yes, your life. Be organised, speak to dieticians you trust, eat everything fresh and eat on time. Whole grains, lean protein, dairy products, keeps your body safe and in good health too.

Beautiful Glute

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We all desire to have buttocks like Jennifer Lopez or Kim Kardashian, but sitting on our behinds won’t get us the ‘behind’ we want. What you need to do is to tone your tushy; use props like the chairs at home or at work, stretch and kick your legs out, or maybe the ‘flying side kick move’, they all work!

Stay Positive

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The same rigmarole everyday can get boring, just as eating the same meal. However, if you want results, you have to keep going – build an interesting routine, involve some music and maybe a couple of ‘gym pals’ to spice things up – do what it takes to keep you moving ahead, and do not give up.

Today is the day

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Each day is a new beginning, a new life given and a new chance to start things new, which is why we call the ‘Present- A PRESENT’. Do not regret what you couldn’t do yesterday, the night washed it off all – start today with a new zest of life, love yourself more and tell yourself you can do it. When you do a good work out, you would sweat- run, box, get into strength training or simply dance to your favorite music, but begin your day with a new zeal to conquer it all.

Will you try these Failure Proof Ways To Motivate Yourself To Lose Weight?

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