Why Fairness Creams Are Harmful For Skin?


Why Fairness Creams Are Harmful For Skin?

Why fairness creams are harmful for skin

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Let us admit it that we all are crazy for a fair complexion. Those who are already fair consider themselves lucky and those who have a wheatish or dusky skin tone feel down. Such a feeling has come up in minds due to television commercials showing that a fair skin can boost your self-confidence and people will totally love you! They stress that by using their fairness cream you get a great job or a handsome boyfriend! Ridiculous!

Do you know that India is the largest market for fairness creams? Please note that every brand has its fairness cream and it doesn’t stop with just that! There are face washes and powders too to give you that instant fair look. Don’t get fooled by air-brushed faces and fancy ads. They make the model look dark with makeup and then suddenly transform them with milky white complexion. You must have noted that the cream is applied only on the face but the model gets fair from head to toe 😛

We Indians are mostly of wheatish complexion but due to celebrities and TV ads people have become conscious of their complexion.

Fairness crams have harmful chemicals that harm the skin. Let us find out what fairness creams exactly do.

fairness-creams harmful for skin

What do fairness creams contain?

Bleaching agent

Most fairness creams have a bleaching agent namely hydroquinol. 3 to 4 percent of such bleaching agents are acceptable but most creams do not mention the percentage of the bleaching agent added and this can cause several skin problems such as thinning of the skin and making it sensitive to the sun.


Fairness creams that promise faster and better results are the ones that contain strong steroids. This can result in other side effects such as permanent stretch marks, pimples, skin allergy, darkening of the skin and disfiguration.


Many creams are known to have mercury too. Mercury can cause harm to the nervous system. In one test done on 36 brands of fairness creams, it was found that 8 of them had more mercury content than that prescribed by the US FDA.

toxins in cosmetics

Apart from the above the above there are more harmful ingredients in fairness creams that cause rashes, blemishes and skin irritation. Even the ones that are touted as herbal or ayurvedic have chemicals in them.

Dermatologists say that the possibility of achieving fairness is only 20%. What fairness creams do is only beach the skin and prevent the secretion of Melanin (the skin colouring pigment). Fairness creams just remove tan and prevent the skin from getting darker by reducing melanin production. However, they can’t change an individual’s natural skin tone.

How fairness creams harm the skin?

They lead to thinning of skin

Daily use of creams that contain bleaching agents leads to the thinning of skin. Thinner skin is allergic and reacts badly with external elements making the skin prone to rashes, infections and pimples.

The skin becomes photosensitive

Prolonged use of fairness creams can make the skin photo sensitive. It means that every time the skin is exposed to the sun, it will suffer from an allergic reaction. The skin could get pink or develop red rashes. The degree of the reaction varies from individual to individual. The skin can suffer from blisters, sunburns, itchiness or burning sensations. Photo sensitive skin can also get affected when subjected to face packs of massage treatments.

Blockage of melanin production

All fairness creams are known to block the production of melanin. Melanin is actually good for your skin and body. Preventing its secretion can lead to health issues such as vision impairment.

The final word

Fairness creams can offer only temporary fairness and the minute you stop applying the cream, you will look the way you did before. Regular use of these chemical containing creams harms the skin.

Stay away for fairness creams!

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