Family Fitness-How To Go About It?


Family Fitness-How To Go About It?

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There is always one fitness freak in the family and I know it is you because you are reading this post! 🙂 Have you ever thought of spreading the fitness fever amongst your family members? Well, doesn’t it sound like a good idea? A fit family is after all a happy family! This will be advantageous for you as well as your family. Working out with your family will make exercising more fun and build stronger connections. Use your imagination a bit and make working out for all age groups a fun activity!

Family -Family fitness how to go about it

How to begin?

You must first decide how far your family is ready to workout with you? If your family is completely ready then you can just go for it but if it is difficult to get your family together for exercise then let your approach be small. Begin slowly!

Start educating them on the benefits of working out. You have to do in a smart way as convincing kids/teenagers is an uphill tasks at times. Even convincing your better half can get difficult. Don’t attack them each morning with stats. Just show them articles about the importance of fitness and get your point across. If one kid is into sports, the battle is half one as soon as you show him/her a post about how working out is important for sports-persons, he/she will say yes! If any other member is not able to focus at work ask him to read about the importance of fitness to raise levels of concentration. Ask them to read testimonials; the stories of real people will ignite interest.

Now let imagination come to play and don’t give up! Here are a few more ways of getting your family focussed on fitness.

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  • Combining household chores and exercise.

Write down chores and exercises together and give each paper to one person in the family. You can do something fun like doing lunges while cleaning the floor, squats while cleaning the kitchen, stretches while cooking. Variation of squats can be done while gardening too. There are endless combinations!

  • Let the family members pick up an exercise and hold a competition.

At the beginning of every week ask every family member to choose an exercise and do as many reps as possible. Ask them to keep doing the workout daily with the aim of improving it by weekend. Then hold a competition on who has improved how much. The one who has done well should be rewarded. But focus on the fact that everyone is improving.

  • Fitness night

Plan a fitness night once a week when everyone is at home. Do a workout together. Be it swimming or skating together. This way the workout will be more fun without a single dull moment.

  • Fitness rules

Make some fitness rules like stretching often during TV breaks and before going to bed. Buy a skipping rope, gym ball and other inexpensive fitness stuff. Ask your family members to use them on a daily basis and keep rotating things around.

  • Measure fitness levels

Find out how every individual is improving in the family. Give them scores for their weekly performance. This can really motivate people in your family.

The most important thing is that you should make the entire process fun-filled. Your family would then know the importance of both health and family connection.

Start working out with your family!

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