Famous Celebrities Who Practice Yoga And Why


Famous Celebrities Who Practice Yoga And Why

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You must have always wondered what stars do to keep themselves so fit. Are they having gifted genes? Nope! It is actually hours of dedication and an extremely strict fitness routine. How do celebs manage to maintain their hot bodies? Well, an important part of their fitness routine is Yoga. This ancient fitness tradition is a rage in celebrity fitness.

Here you go with a list of Bollywood and Hollywood celebs who have maintained a svelte and attractive physique with the help of Yoga.

Sonam Kapoor

Sonam Kapoor From Fat To Fit story

Beginning with the fashion queen of Bollywood, Sonam Kapoor is a big time health freak. She practices Bikram Yoga on a regular basis. She once said that Bikram Yoga or hot yoga like how it is called most often is her father, Anil Kapoor’s secret for maintaining a fabulous body.

Shilpa Shetty

shilpa shetty yoga

Shilpa’s body and figure is perfect. Shilpa’s coveted figure and fitness has the backing of power Yoga. Shilpa ardently practices Yoga. She had launched her CD called ‘Shilpa’s Yoga’. She says that yoga helps her a lot in keeping her mind, soul and body fit. A while back she had a neck problem and had spondylitis. She started doing Yoga and with professional help she was really benefited.

Lara Dutta

lara dutta fitness dvd

Lara Dutta, the pretty actor and hot mom had launched her own yoga DVD that aims at helping pregnant women be fit during their pregnancy and helps them in getting back into shape after delivery. Exercising and a strict exercise routine has helped her in being in shape in spite of giving birth to her daughter by C section.

Kareena Kapoor


Kareena confesses that yoga has changed her life and she is completely into it. In the morning, she does yoga for 1 ½ hour each and every day. Yoga is something that always keeps her on the go. The day she misses it she feels as if she has not completed her task well.

Jennifer Aniston

jennifer aniston

Beginning the list of Hollywood actors with Jennifer Aniston, the friends star makes it a point to do at least five sessions of Yoga in a week. She says that Yoga is her helping hand when it comes to de-stressing and toning the body. One of the most positive influence that Yoga has had on her is that she was able to quit smoking. Jennifer feels that Yoga is an excellent way to relax.

Meg Ryan

The American actress, Meg Ryan makes it a point to practice yoga at her home every single day. She has found meditation the best part of Yoga. She says that it has helped her in sorting out things in her life by providing her inner strength. With the help of Yoga, she has found the right path in life. Also, yoga has brought in peace and calmness in her life.



Madonna, the pop diva is counted among the very first celebs who have made Yoga a part of their lifestyle. She loves Asthangs Yoga and Hatha Yoga. Madonna calls Yoga an active force that brings peace to her mind and soul. According to her Yoga is a lifestyle and a path of relaxation.

Christy Turlington

Christy Turlington, American top model is a firm believer of Indian practices like Vastu and Ayurveda. She has actually incorporated them in her life. She is a very firm believer in Yoga and all its aspects. She has been practicing yoga ever since she was eighteen.

Ricky Martin

Last but not the least, I have Ricky Martin on the list, the only guy in this post 😛 He uses Yoga to restore his inner peace and relax. A fan of Hatha yoga, he likes doing Yoga at home. Yoga has helped him in bringing in stability to his heart, mind and physical body.

This was the list of Celebrities who practice yoga. Are you going to start soon?

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