Famous Fitness Trends In India


Famous Fitness Trends In India

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Being fit and in shape is everybody’s dream. The sad story of life is that some people are overweight and some underweight. It is difficult to maintain the ideal body weight according to your height, isn’t it?

There is no point at fuming while looking at the figure of the oh-so-perfect model. Gals, that is her work, she is in a professional field where she has to look good no matter what, but look at yourself, you may be an IT professional who stares at the computer screen for long hours or an architect who burns the mid-night lamp making blue prints of buildings or probably a writer or a full-time homemaker! Difficult to take time out from your busy schedule, huh? Hey, it is your body and if not like that of a model, it should at least look fit! Spend some time on yourself too. I know many successful women who are there at the top because of the dedication they have to their fitness regime.

So, what fitness trends are hot this season? Let us have a look what kinds of workouts are the best in India this year!

Right from pilates to zumba, Indian fitness enthusiasts are in love with the latest fitness trends.

Wellness programmes

Mandara spa Mumbai

Aah! A relaxing day at the spa! Wait a minute that doesn’t sound like a workout! Well, it is more like a cool down for your body and soul! With all the running around you do each day, your body does need to relax, right? At the spa you have a variety of massages and mud therapies. Fix up an appointment and sink in to the peaceful atmosphere anytime during the weekend.



Yoga is an indispensable part of our culture and heritage. It is something that is being practiced for thousands of years now. Yoga will never go out of fashion and will continue to benefit the generations to come. Practicing yogasanans brings in a kind of flexibility to the body. It also balances the body and aligns the hormones. I need not say much about the benefits of yoga as the whole world knows about it.


Zumba- a dance workout ad its benefits 1

Zumba is a fun way to get fit! Zumba, as you must be aware is a dance fitness program that combines an effective workout regime with Latin and International music. It is a rigourous yet amusing workout that helps in toning the body as well as losing weight. There must be a zumba class in your vicinity, go ahead and join it.


cycling for fitness

Cycling is a great cardio exercise. It makes one really fit by increasing muscle strength and flexibility, improving joint mobility, strengthening bones and decreasing the levels of body fat. If you don’t own a bicycle you should go in for one as soon as you can. It will most probably remind you of the wonderful years you have spent as a child.


Exercises For The Corporate Male Sexual Prowess Issues swimming

Swimming is a full body workout and can you ask more than a swim in this scorching heat? Swimming is a refreshing way to tone your body. It enhances muscle strength and endurance. And not to forget it makes you feel hungry, so you better get ready with healthy snacks as you will really need them post your swim.

Boxing and kickboxing

Top Exercises To Lose Weight kickboxing

Both boxing and kickboxing are great stress busters. They are meant for self defence, increased flexibility and improved self-confidence. Both boxing and kickboxing utilize every muscle of the body and help in calming down the mind.

Did you enjoy reading the famous fitness trends in India?

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