Famous Vegetarian Celebs In India


Famous Vegetarian Celebs In India

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Have always wondered how most Bollywood stars manage to look so ravishing!! No, they are not getting herbal treatments done, all the magic lies in their diet. Yes, most of the B-town stars are vegetarians and are proud of the fact!

The veg and non-veg debate seems to be endless. The war has been going on since time immemorial. Let us have a look at the stars who are all for vegetarianism.

Shahid Kapoor

Shahid Kapoor vegetarian

Shahid Kapoor is a complete vegetarian. Such is the power of his ideals that his ex-love Kareena turned into a vegetarian! Now the question is how does he maintain a 10 on 10 body without eating meat? He admits that it is difficult to maintain a good physique (read six pack abs) without meat but he is ready to go the extra mile rather than turning to non-veg. He gets his protein from protein supplements such as whey protein and from vegetarian sources. Are you a vegetarian and don’t know where to get your protein from- read Top 6 vegetarian sources of protein.

Sonu Sood

Sonu Sood PETA vegetarian

Yes, the handsome hunk is a vegetarian. Salman Khan tried a lot to convince Sonu to eat meat while shooting for Dabang but the chap did not give in! Sonu Sood has one of the best bodies in the industry despite being a vegetarian! I mean wow!! He says that vegetarian food gives him enough energy and he has a fresh feeling after a veg meal. For him fast food is salad and boiled veggies. If this is his fast food what would be his idea of actual food ;)! Anyways three cheers for Sonu!!

Vidya Balan

vidya balan vegetarian

Our very own Vidya Balan is a vegetarian. She has proved that even voluptuous women can rock! She stole hearts of people without going size zero. She eats vegetarian food to keep her weight in control. She has a glass of juice that comprises of veggies, wheat grass and amla. She eats whole wheat, rice, dal and veggies. She drinks two cups of masala tea in a day.

Kareena Kapoor

kareena kapoor marriage

As mentioned above, Kareena gave up eating meat after being influenced by Shahid Kapoor. Even after they parted ways, Kareena is holding on to vegetarianism. She was even offered a chicken brand’s endorsement for 6 crores, to which she said a flat no! It is heard that she is so much into vegetarianism that he can’t stand the smell of eggs even! OMG!

Amitabh Bachchan

Amitabh Bachchan vegetarian

Big B is a teetotaler and a pure vegetarian. For him happiness lies in the simple things and food is no exclusion. He likes aloo puri, gulab jamun and dhokla. He does love Thai and Chinese cuisine but meat is definitely out of it! Look at his fitness level even after crossing 70!

Hema Malini


The yesteryear star is proud to be a vegetarian. She also appeared for a PETA ad recently. She says that going vegetarian is the best choice for one’s health. Vegetarians are slimmer, trimmer and healthier than those who eat meat. She says that her food habits are the reason behind her fresh and younger looking self! No wonder she is so beautiful even today!

R Madhavan


The Three Idiots star from the south, R Madhavan is a vegetarian. He says that being on a no-meat diet is the secret behind his youthful looks. He gets energy from protein shakes. He was voted as the cutest male vegetarian By PETA in an online poll in the year 2006!

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