Why Fat-Shaming Fardeen Khan Is Not Ethical?


Fat-Shaming Fardeen Khan Is Not Ethical!

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Do you make fun of people who have gained weight? Do you think that it is the right thing to do? Now, you may wonder why I am asking this to you! Well, just continue reading.

Fardeen Khan weight gain

Let me tell you that recently pics of Fardeen Khan are doing rounds in the social media. He has piled on kilos and is not like his former svelte self! However, all of us should understand that not all days are the same for everyone. Body-shaming is a grave issue. It is easy to make fun of others’ appearance. You should instead try to empathize with them.

Do you even know that the actor has been struggling with his weight gain for a while now? To lose weight he left no stone unturned. He joined a gym in London and also hired a celebrity trainer in order to shed weight. In 2014 he had even lost 12 kilos in 3 months. However, he has gained it all back again. It can happen to anybody!

It is indeed a pity to see the otherwise fit actor in such shape but this does not mean that he should become a focal point of jokes. The social media is full of hilarious jokes on Fardeen Khan’s weight gain. There are lots of tweets! But what to ponder upon is – Why laugh at someone who is in difficult times? How would you feel when someone made fun of your weight? If someone says that you look fat, you would most probably skip a meal. You may also start seeing yourself in the mirror after every hour or probably start weighing yourself twice daily. If you as a commoner are so touchy about things, imagine what would the condition of a celebrity be for whom good looks mean everything? How would he or she feel? He may probably confine himself or herself to home and not be able to face the outside world. Why? All because of a bunch of people who don’t have the basic ethics of treating others.

It is not just Fardeen Khan, even the post pregnancy weight of actresses like Aishwarya Rai was closely watched by the media and her ability to not shed it in one go was a made into a huge issue.

A tad bit of weight gain becomes a meaty story for the media to cover. Stop fat-shaming people, be it anyone, a celeb or a commoner. You don’t know what the other person is going through, cracking jokes about them is certainly not ethical. You must know where to draw the line. Just put yourself on in the other person’s shoes and you will understand how it feels.

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