Health Benefits of Farro – An Ancient Grain


Health Benefits of Farro

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Have you heard of farro? Well, if not, let me tell you that it is an ancient grain packed with lots of health benefits and is much in demand these days. Though not gluten-free, it has relatively lower levels than what is present in wheat and you can get rid of it through the process of sprouting and fermentation.

Let’s head on to the health benefits of farro!

1) Rich in fibre

Due to the high fibre content, farro is good for the heart, helps with digestion and prevents spikes of blood sugar. Half a cup of farro has a good 7 to 8 g of fibre that lowers cholesterol. This much of fibre also helps satiate you! The complex carbs in farro ensures that your energy levels are stable and this is great for athletes.

2) Great source of protein

Apart from fibre, farro is also rich in the much needed protein. Farro is a great source of vegan protein and you would be surprised to know that its protein content is equivalent to the one present in beans or legumes.

3) Has lots of B vitamins

This ancient grain has vitamin B which is essential for the body’s metabolism to work right, to break down carbs, protein and fats from your diet and convert them into energy. Apart from that B vitamins are needed for reproductive health, brain health and for the nervous system.

4) Rich in antioxidants

Veggies and fruits are crowned as foods high in antioxidants but you can get them from unprocessed grains too. They are called lignans and they are known to bring down inflammation. Increasing the intake of lignans has a lot of health benefits.

5) Good source of iron, magnesium and zinc

There are some nutrients that you miss out on a plant-based diet or when on a diet high in processed foods. They are iron, zinc and magnesium. While you need iron to prevent anemia and build more energy, you need zinc for brain health and for facilitating cell functioning. Magnesium works as an electrolyte and has a number of health benefits like easing out the symptoms of PMS, preventing muscular cramps, improving sleep quality and facilitating digestion. Most people are not even aware of the fact that they are deficient in magnesium.

Where is farro found?

This ancient grain has been around for thousands of years. You are most likely to find it in Mediterranean, Middle Eastern cuisine. Going back to history, it was popular in Egypt prior to getting famous in Italy. This grain has now returned to the scene and is now more of a gourmet food. Most fancy restaurants are using it as customers are happy to have something that is great for their health.

Well, as always you must be wondering whether it has reached India yet. The answer to that would be yes, but I just checked on Amazon and it costs a bomb to be honest. However, since it has appeared recently in the health scene, you should wait and watch. Perhaps the prices drop! 😛

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