Fast Food Is Unhealthy – Why?


Why Is Fast Food Unhealthy?

Considering past many years, the rate of indulging in fast food eating habits has grown over large times in young generations. Due to this, most food corners in and around any city are available and the sales of fast food is in a very large amount. Day by day, people are attracting more towards this habit thus making them more and more unhealthy. If you eat fast food on a regular basis, it leaves a very bad effect on your health thus making your body prone to various diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes and other chronic problems.


Damage caused by fast food to your health is disastrous. This is mainly because of the two main components present in fast food: Sodium and Trans-fats. These substances make your body weak and cause lot of damage.

Find out why fast food is unhealthy?

1. Sodium

Fast food contains high levels of sodium, which in turn creates lot of effect on kidneys to eliminate those high levels immediately, which is not possible resulting in accumulation of sodium in your blood. High sodium levels in your blood leads to heart disease and high blood pressure.

2. Trans-fats

Tran-fats are one of the major components of fast foods. This is one of the unhealthiest substances that are consumed by the body of the individual. It can create a risk of diabetes, heart attack and stroke as well.

3. Digestion problems

Our digestive system often feels uncomfortable while digesting very complex substances. Fast foods are among them which are hard to digest, therefore, leading to various digestive problems. Constant eating of fast foods can make your body suffer from bowel syndromes and gastro esophageal reflux disease.

4. High Sugar Content

Have you ever thought how much sugar content is present in fast foods? A simple burger in fast food restaurants have almost 19 grams of sugar, which can make you think twice before eating any fast food. Increase consumption of sugar increases the chances of diabetes.

sugar craving

5. High Calories

Fast foods contain more calories than normal meals. Fast food adds 200 extra calories than normal meals which are accumulated in our body, creating lot of pressure on blood vessels leading to heart related diseases.

6. Not properly cooked

Have you ever wondered why these foods are called fast-foods? This is because they are quickly prepared and nobody ever notices that because of quick preparation, they are not cooked properly. Fast food does not provide any nutrients to our body rather than it causes lot of discomfort leading to severe health problems.

7. Low nutritional Value

The worst thing about fast foods is that they do not supply any good amount of nutrients to our body. The most preferred cooking method for fast foods is deep frying, which contains relatively high amount of oil and fat which leaves a bad impact on your health. Addition of artificial sweeteners in desserts provides very low nutritional value. Nutritional value should be the first and foremost priority while choosing any food item rather than just following your taste buds every time.

These are some of the components that summarizes why fast food is unhealthy and should be avoided.

Hope you found why fast food is unhealthy!

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