Fat Burners And Weight Loss Products India


Fat Burners And Weight Loss Products India

 A lot of ladies have emailed me about fat burners, some call them as ayurvedic pills with no side effects, others refer to them as fat burners or weight loss pills. The names by which people call them may change, but the expectation is only one – fat burning or weight loss.

I thought I will show you a glimpse of the products that I am testing right now. I try a fat burner for a minimum of 1 month since this is the minimum time needed to draw any conclusion.

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I bought Raspberry ketone from Dubai last year. I used it for 15 days or so and then discontinued for reasons that I don’t remember 😛 . I will test this first from the entire lot simply because its expiry date is nearest : D. Last time when I consumed this, I noticed increased heart beat for a while. I did lose 3-4 kgs that time but i was slogging in the gym too, so cant’t say what worked 😉

AcaiFab and Fabslim are recent additions to my basket. I have used Fabslim for a couple of days, so far so good. Will keep you posted 🙂 Yet to open AcaiFab. Either of them goes second for testing, you can expect either of them reviewed early next month.

Fabslim has Garnacia along with green tea and other antioxidants. AcaiFab’s ingredients are self explanatory 🙂 !

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Fattolin is an Indian fat burner. A reader requested the review, so I got it. I see a lot of ayurvedic ingredients in it like Triphala, Shuddha Guggul etc. Instead of antioxidants, I see appetite suppressant ingredients in Fattolin. Will test this at the last.

This is an inexpensive product, so you can try yourself too in case you cant wait for the review.

Fat burners are great to aggravate weight loss. It does not do it all by itself. So, you can expect help from these but don’t expect it do wonders after you feast on samosa !

Please do not use anything without doctor’s or nutritionist’s approval. If you have a lot of weight to lose, join our weight loss program.



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