Fitness Freaks-Favorite Cheat Meal And Tricks That Worked


Fitness Freaks-Favorite Cheat Meal And Tricks That Worked

Heya Everyone,

Happy Independence Day!

fitness freaks independence day

I wish India prospers like never before in the coming years, Amen 🙂 . I think we have a long way to go, to achieve the independence in the true sense of the word. Half the population – Females are still not independent and our country can certainly can’t progress without us. We are the change, let’s bring it on !

Its Friday today and we freakos are back, we love the attention that we get here you see 😉 . We are sharing with you our favorite cheat meal and tricks that worked !

You may have seen kids who always want to be first in the queue , I am still the same way , so I go first lol 😛 .

Tarun’s Favorite Cheat Meal And Tricks That Worked

My favorite meal hands down is Pasta <3 . I love it to the core! Puhlease not the wheat pasta, proper junk pasta. And I curse myself after eating it and my weighing scale does the same! Most of the times I crave for cheese dishes , n 90% of those times its Pasta or Pizza 🙁  . I have never cheated on Pizza till date because I just can’t have so much bread and bust myself off. But I did learn to cheat on Pasta. Ask How ? Even if you don’t ask,  I will go on and as it is you don’t have any choice but to read 😉 . Ok I will stop ranting here itself. On one such occasion when I felt weak in my knees , seeing people relishing Pasta in my office cafetaria I decided that I will make pasta in dinner which was a terrible idea. But then I controlled my emotions and munched on a slice of cheese which gave me power to think 😛 . I went home and thought how to have pasta and not die of guilt. I chose penne pasta, counted 10 pieces and boiled. If I had used macroni pasta or spaghetti, its difficult to control portion. I loaded my pasta with cream cheese and added basil sauce only.

cheat meal pasta

I would normally eat a bowl full of pasta in red and white sauce but this time due to cream cheese, I was full with a 10 piece serving 🙂 , oooh yesss. I don’t curb my cravings always and I never let them overtake me , hehehehehe hahahahaaha after all who is the bosss , Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 😀 .

Kanan’s First Unforgettable Cheat Meal And Tricks That Worked

When I first came to know about cheat meals, and cheat days, it was like Almighty God had given me a boon…. Yaar! I was dying to eat … eat and eat. I wanted that icecream, I wanted that double cheese sandwich, I wanted a huge plate of chicken chow mein, I wanted that big white Rasogulla, and a plate of hot gulab jamuns and that rabri plate too…. and yes that double cheese King size Pizza….I just wanted to cry and eat up every thing available around, even that old, dry and smelly Bundi laddu that even my dog had refused to eat which I found lying in a container in my fridge.  😛   HUFFFF!! I am breathless now. Wait, In fact when I look back I realise that I actually wanted to die eating all kinds of dirty junk food …. (As it is I would have died after eating all that above mentioned food, if not from indigestion, surely out of shame and guilt) 🙁

Then when the family went out to enjoy a meal out I accompanied them for a cheat meal. I was asked what would I have and I with teary eyes looked at the menu and pushed it aside. I couldn’t dare to pick up anything to eat… so just kept picking from the salad plate and paneer from Aloo Matar Paneer sabzi. So clearly enough my effort to eat a cheat meal failed miserably. But I had to eat some thing different. So decided to have a plate of GolGappas.. “Bhaiya, meetha nahi dalna, Atte ke dena aur han aaloo bhi nahi dalna.”, I mumbled to the shop owner.. and he answered back,” Madam ji dieting kar rahe ho to sirf gol gappe ka paani hi pee lo.” What the hell!! Such audacity!!! Look at him!!! So my mood was spoiled and I decided not to have my cheat meal. Throwing his plate in the bin I walked off. “And what about your cheat meal mamma?” called out my kids… I was all tears…ready to burst anytime… and then I saw my savior… SubWay… I just barged in…I needed a sub a big one. But my diet and that too the low carb one??? Nooo!! I can’t have bread.

Well, here was my trick to eating a hearty and guilt free cheat meal. I had a Salad with double tuna, made the counter boy splash a lot of mayonnaise, Mustard sauce and a miserly splash of Barbecue sauce. He asked,” Madam, all vegetables? ” Yes each and every one available. I smiled. Proudly holding my plate I sat in a corner , deliberately as I didn’t want the world to see me eating like a starved woman. Did I enjoy? Oh Yess, thoroughly. I almost licked off the plate with my finger tips, and did I cheat badly ? Well not really , I ate sort of healthy with of course a bit sugary Mayonnaise … and yes learnt a lesson…. not to lose patience when things are not going your way. Every cloud has a silver lining  and here I was  holding my darkest cloud (yes the colour of the plate was black) with a Tuna salad splashed lining. “Health bhi Taste bhi”. Ha ha… Hence proven a winner again… OOOhh!! I know, I am the best. 😉

double tuna salad SubWay

And by the way a Double Tuna Salad from SubWay has not more than 20/25 gm carbs and lots of fiber in the form of vegetables. 🙂 A perfect Cheat Meal.:D And not to forget to mention the cost (the proud frugal mom that I am)… Just 190 INR. Not bad at all. 🙂

Dr.Sahiba’s Favorite Cheat Meal And Tricks That Worked

Ummm cheat meal.. I am already salivating. 😛 Well,being a Punjabi my cheat meals are scheduled more frequently than normal. I mostly have cheese chilly or Honey chilli cauliflower for a cheat meal. Tandoori momos can be another option. The tricks for having a cheat meal are –

  • Have it only when you are badly craving for it instead of planning to keep a cheat day. At the same time make sure that such days are well spaced and that you do not fall a prey to the cravings every alternate day.
  • Have it in the first half of the day or in the afternoon and not at night. Our digestive power gets slower by the end of the day and heavy dinner would add up to the misery.
  • Having a cheat meal gives a fresh boost for being honest with our diet plan. So after having a cheat meal, you should be more strict with yourself.

Anamika’s Favorite Cheat Meal And Tricks That Worked

I don’t cheat most of the time as the kind of diet I follow I get to eat such yummy food but yes! I mostly cheat when I am too hungry and there is just nothing related to my food around..

Problem is when I start cheating then there is no end to it…I will eat anything and everything which comes in front of me. I cannot resist my mom cooked food..can’t resist anything which is made by mom. My cheating trick…eat early in the morning and eat your heart out. And then skip the next meal and compensate it with BPC.

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