Fitness Freaks-Favorite Fitness Gadget That Worked


Fitness Freaks-Favorite Fitness Gadget That Worked

Heya Everyone,

Happy Friday 🙂 . As promised, Fitness Freaks are back with yet another interesting revelation 😀 . We all have used various fitness gadgets and apps in our weight gain or weight loss journeys. We are going to list here – Fitness Gadget That Worked for us so that you can decide, what works best for you.

My favorite gadget is of course my phone. I don’t think I can survive without my phone even for a few hours 😛 . Its the last thing I touch before crashing on the bed at night and the first thing too , when I slap it when it tries to wake me up in the morning Grh)(*&(*&(*&(*^^*(&  (you can ignore my expressions 😀 ) . But my phone is certainly not a fitness gadget for me. I have Noom Coach installed on my phone but I have hardly used it since the pedometer facility is not present in iOS version.

Currently, dropping two dress sizes is my main focus nowadays. To achieve my goal, two things are important for me and these are –

My weight loss progress which I gauge by my Equinox Digital weighing scale, you can buy it from here. I also use a measurement tape if you can call that as a gadget 😉

Equinox_weightloss - Copy

Music – Perhaps I can’t breathe without Music. I can practically live without talking to anyone for days if I have my favorite music playing. Its a way to feel my soul. existence. So my next favorite gadget is my iPod Nano. No, I did not buy it because I like to show off that I only listen to music through Apple devices 😛 . I enjoy attention but I am not such desperate, lol 😉 . I chose it because its tiny and I can clip it and workout.

gadget fitness freaks

This has Nike fitness app which I use while running. It saves all my statistics and progress. So this tiny gadget plays my favorite music and also records my workout. Voila, two in one 😀 . My iPod has a built in pedometer which counts my steps.  The only worry is the battery, because I drain it by listening to non stop music and by the time I want it to record  my workout, it dies. Irony of life , phew ! You can buy iPod Nano from here.

Let’s hear from the gang about their favorite fitness gadget now.

Vinita’s favourite fitness gadget

You see my journey has been very different, most people get ‘fat to fit’ but I got ‘skinny to fit’! I have always found one thing very close to me during this transformation and that is my weighing scale! No, it is not electronic. It is a very ordinary one but it is very close to my heart. I bought it when I was 17 years old and week after week I used to weigh myself. It has always filled me with immense joy to see the needle move forward.

A weighing scale doesn’t make one gain weight 😛 but it has definitely helped me in keeping a good track of my weight. When you get a positive result it is human nature to enthusiastically move forward in that direction 🙂 It is here that the scale has helped me. Though I have hit a weight gain plateau I am eagerly waiting for the needle to touch 50 kilos! My best pal is going to stay with me and help me through my yet to be completed journey! 🙂 So, my humble little weighing scale is my favourite fitness gadget!

Kanan’s favourite fitness gadget

I can live without food … tea and coffee.. and many more things and people in life 😉  but there are a few things that I can never think of breathing without and funnily enough all are machines.. (so much for the degradation of human race) 🙂

well, before I get into philosophical mode, let me complete this post. So what was I saying..? Hmmmm Okay !! about the loves of my life. Actually there are two… Ufff!! Kanan you are too much of a Gemini; capable of romancing even the lifeless stones too and that too double shift 😛  LOL. Now the first love of my life is my set of ear phones  and second is my best buddy, my Omron Pedometer. Read the review here.

I am not addicted to technology but yes, the moment I wake up in the morning first thing I touch is my cell phone to check if Tarun has sent some instructions (So much for the fear of the BOSS) 🙂 Love you boss. 😉 then after that the phone is controlled by my ear phones when its time to go for walk so getting ready means stuffing cell in left pocket of track pants with Bollywood item numbers running full blast in my ears. And then the right pocket gets the privilege and honour of holding my Pedometer safely clipped inside. Here is a pic of my two lovely sweethearts…

kanangadget 1

I really wonder how I would have managed my weight without these two because when I started jogging, the most irritating moments used to be when I was motivated and jogging fast enough to beat my previous day’s time record … the in ear phones used to fall out of my ears.. Frustrating really frustrating those moments were and seeing my plight my children gifted these ear phones on my birthday two years back … since then there is nothing that can stop me as the ear supports sit comfortably behind ears and Ican have my non stop interval sessions.

My Omron pedometer is something that had been my best buddy counting my steps, quietly lying in my pocket all through my walks. This little baby had been a great motivation to go beyond 10,000 steps mark. Its a childish thing but I love to see the figure jumping and dancing on the screen the moment 10000 steps are done. All through my weight loss journey nothing was constant..neither weight nor motivation but these two gadgets were the only constant things inspiring me to go on…. In fact I am feeling bad addressing them as Gadgets, as they are like living parts of my life ; resounding with life and kicking my behind to get moving….. all the time over the years. Love you babies, stay with me always …. Can’t live without you both. 🙂 . You can buy the same pedometer from here.

Vrinda’s favourite fitness gadget

My fav fitness gadget is my digital skipping rope and my phone where I can download apps relating to low cal recipes and work outs. You can checkout app reviews here.

What is your favorite fitness gadget that worked for you?

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