11 Quick Tips To Feel Happy


How To Feel Happy?

Hello All!

Want to be happy? It would cost you nothing and it is a step towards good health.

Don’t lose a second in trying out these tips!

1) Spend time with an animal

A good workout buddy-your pet pushups

It said to be therapeutic and stress relieving to spend time with pets. If you don’t own one you can still play with your friend’s pet or volunteer to send some hours at an animal shelter. It will be worth it as animals have a cuddly way of expressing their gratitude.

2) Go for a walk or for a run

A good workout buddy-your pet

Doing any kind of physical activity helps the body release endorphins and they in turn make you feel happy. When you feel down just get moving it will be of help.

3) Be creative

Why Colouring Is Good For Your Health - colouring book

When you create a piece of art with your own hands it gives you immense happiness. It can be anything. Just get your creative muscles moving. Love painting? Or love woodwork? Go ahead! You need not be an artist; you are doing things just to make yourself feel happy.

4) Watch a movie that makes you feel good

watching tv

There are so many feel-good movies in almost every language. When you feel like spending time alone, why don’t you watch a movie that comforts you? Grab a healthy snack and watch a movie that will inspire you and make you feel happy.

5) Spend time with loved ones

ways to ward off winter laziness- friends chatting

When you spend time with near and dear ones, you will feel happy. Sharing hugs, smiles and memories will help improve your mood. Such get-together remind you that you need to enjoy life.

6) Listen to your favourite numbers

health benefits of music.2

There are songs that improve your mood. So, if you want to knock off a bad mood, simply play the songs that mean the world to you. Let music enter your life while you drive, cook, walk or work. It will keep you in a happy mood.

7) Don’t procrastinate

Stop procrastinating things that are getting you uncomfortable. Go ahead and pay a visit to the dentist, if you want to discuss something with your partner do it asap. Don’t let things trouble you, just do them and finish it off. When it is over, you will feel good and happy.

8) Read inspiring books

ways to ward off winter laziness- woman reading book

Self-help books are able to change so many lives. If they are not your cup of tea, you can always read inspirational fictitious short stories. Soak in the wisdom and advice from the books and see your life change.

9) Take a break

Forest - hiking benefits fo the brain

It is essential for all of us to plan a vacation at least once a year. It need not be a pompous affair, just keep it low-key. You are taking this break for your own happiness. Fulfill your dreams and enjoy life.

10) Forgive and forget

A past situation that has been affecting you or a person who has wronged you can make you feel depressed. Just release the grudges you have and try to forgive the person. It may be difficult but you have to do it for your own happiness. Make peace with the past. It will make you happy.

11) Smile more often

Benefits of smiling-Why you should smile more often

Simply smiling tells your brain that you are happy, even if you are not. Next time when you feel depressed, just smile till you feel a change in your mood.

Hope you liked this post on 11 Quick Tips To Feel Happy!

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