Feng shui Tips For Weight Loss


Feng shui Tips For Weight Loss 

Fengshui Tips For Weight Loss

Feng shui Tips For Weight Loss

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that is propounded on the belief that we can improve our general well-being and success by channelizing the energies in your living our work space. When we talk of our living space this includes the most important room in the house, that is your kitchen.   In this respect if you are planning to revamp your diet and trying to lose weight, it is the kitchen feng shui that can help you in your weight loss program. 

How to improve the feng shui of your kitchen

To improve the feng shui of your kitchen and consequently your diet program  you can follow these steps:

Get rid of the clutter

Fengshui Tips For Weight Loss clutter

This automatically brings in a sense of freshness and lightness into your home and your well-being. Make sure that you get rid of the food stuff you do not require. This will be your first step in the right direction of your diet.


Organise everything in your kitchen, from utensils to spices. This is pleasing for the eyes and your mind and you are not scrambling at the last moment for any key ingredient.

Water matters:

Store water in clear bottles and keep them accessible. This is important and will make sure that you drink enough water.


Fengshui Tips For Weight Loss  kitchen

When designing your kitchen choose colors that are calming and light. This will create an aura of contentment and will curb your appetite and any unnecessary food cravings. Feng shui fire element colors – red , magenta, purple , strong yellow and orange – are best to avoid. Earthy tones, whites, and soft pastel shades are the best options for a kitchen space.


improve the feng shui of your kitchen mirror

Try and place a decorative mirror in your kitchen. According to Feng Shui the mirror works to reflect out any evil and if you have a small kitchen, a mirror will give an illusion of space.

Fruits and flowers:

It is a good idea to keep some decorative plants and fruits in your kitchen. This gives an open feeling and also tempts you to pick up an apple instead of fattening snacks.

Keep the fridge clean:

Along with your kitchen, always keep your fridge clutter free. It is very common to horde a lot of food you may not ever eat in the fridge. This as a result does not allow space for foods that are good for you and also tempts you to binge on old food that you do not really need.

Fengshui Tips For Weight Loss clean

Clear the counter:

Always keep your counter top free and clean. This makes your kitchen warm and inviting and you will want to enter it to cook healthy meals for yourself and your family.

Music for the soul:

Try and play some nice soothing music as you prepare meals for the family. The peace you feel when you cook will transcend into your food.

No Tv:

When you share a meal with your family, try and avoid having the TV on in the background. This distracts you from your food and what should be a bonding time for your family.

Follow these tips to turn your kitchen into a happy, nurturing and clean space where the health of you and your family is nurtured and maintained. These feng shui tips will indirectly work to give you the ease, positivity and motivation to stick to your dietary goals and help you lose those extra kilos.

Are you going to follow Feng shui Tips For Weight Loss?

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