Things To Get Rid Of According To Feng Shui


Things To Get Rid Of According To Feng Shui

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The amount of stress and ease you feel in your day to day life is directly linked to the spaces around you! Do you know that the objects at home speak to us on both visible and invisible levels?

The ancient wisdom of feng shui can bring in more peace into your home. So, here are some feng shui recommendations:

1) Dried flowers

Dried and decaying flowers, leaves and branches are a big no-no according to feng shui. At one point of time they were living beings and had vibrant energy in them but as they become dried and decayed, they start representing death and decline. However, there are some exceptions. If a particular bouquet of dried flowers holds a lot of meaning for you, the sweet memories and good chi in them can turn those dried flowers into a positive object.

2) Sharp and prickly plants

cactus-prickly-feng shui, feng shui

Plants like cactus symbolize an energy that is sharp and prickly. If you want to have a smooth and gentle flow in your house and in your life, you must get rid of plants that are a symbol of unease. Again, you have exceptions and that is when you associate a prickly plant with something positive.

3) Broken objects

Most homes have broken items that need to be repaired but are lying around unattended for years! There is nothing to be ashamed of but you need to do something about it. Broken objects symbolize stagnant energy and can wear you down at the sub-conscious level. Each time you see the broken item, it affects you negatively. So, either get it fixed or throw it away.

4) Expired products

Plastic cosmetics bottles on white background

Food and beauty products have a shelf life for a reason. If they get expired, you must throw them because first of all, you don’t want to eat them by mistake and secondly, the presence of spoiled items at home can affect the vibes. You should have fresh food and products with good vibrations all around you.

5) Unwanted gifts

You would have received gifts that you don’t want. You should appreciate the gesture of gifting but holding onto something unwanted can affect your happiness and peace. You can regift or donate that to someone who will actually love it. Also, when you offer a gift to someone, just let it go. Don’t be attached to what the other person does with your gift. Treat it as an offering.

6) Items associated with the negative

Just like unwanted gifts, there are things at home that are linked to something negative. It can be something you have forgotten about or have guilt/fear in throwing away.  Example: A dress from high school that you wish would fit you one day conveys a message that you are not as slim as you were a while back. It can also be the photo of an ex who hurt you very badly. Just chuck these negative things out and you will be amazed with the effect!

Now you know about the Things To Get Rid Of According To Feng Shui!

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